So, what is your worship style?

Is it something from another generation, or are you trying to emulate some other worship leader?  Is it a style unique to you and your church, or are you trying to sound like your favourite band?  The way you present your worship plays a key part in how comfortable people are entering into a closer and deeper fellowship with the Lord.

The style of your worship is often dictated by the style of your congregation.  Imagine leading worship with just an organ at a youth meeting, or on the flip side, imagine leading worship at a senior’s meeting with a heavy metal band!

The thing is, as the worship leader, you have a unique opportunity to develop your own style of worship, the kind of music that attracts people and opens their hearts to the gospel, and allows them to go deeper with God.

However, many worship leaders simply try and transport what some famous worship leader on YouTube is doing into their local church, and this can lead to really discouraging results.  We should not be just trying to imitate someone else, but be seeking the Lord for our own, unique style of worship that not only suits us, but more importantly suits our congregation and church leadership.

This podcast asks the big questions about the way you lead your team and your congregation, and it will be invaluable for those seeking a unique and beautiful way of leading worship.  As you listen open your heart and hear from the Lord as to the best way you can establish a style of music and presentation that captures the hearts of your people, and allows a more intimate level of worship in your church.

So what is your worship style?  Listen to this week’s podcast and discover yours now…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.