332- Worship Team Foldback

Worship team Foldback matters because hearing yourself on stage matters.

“Can You Turn Your Worship Team Foldback Down Please!”

This is true for every worship team, especially if you have a smaller auditorium and a worship band that is prone to be a bit loud. So trust me, if you find yourself telling your band members to turn down time and time again, or if you constantly have singers asking your sound guys to turn them up (“Dude, can you turn me up I can’t hear anything up here!”), then this is a podcast you really need to hear!

Your worship team foldback is a critical part of the way you perform as a worship team.  If the on-stage sound is too loud, the sound guy has nothing to work with at the front of the house.  In fact, some of the sound people I talk to have just turned off the front speakers and walked away!  When the stage sound is so loud that the sound person turns off the front speakers, and people still complain it is all too loud, then things are really needing to change.

One of the things we discuss in this podcast is in-ear speakers, which can minimise your onstage noise dramatically.  These are still quite expensive, but they can work well, so Erick and Darin discuss this as one of the more modern options for dealing with worship team foldback issues.

So whether you are leading worship in a big church, small church, traditional or modern church, if you are ministering on stage, the level of your on-stage sound really does matter!  There are new and innovative ways of dealing with hearing yourself on stage, and we even allude to new and innovative ways to deal with those who have their own sound too loud and refuse to turn down!

Learn all the tricks that could improve your sound week by week in this special podcast…

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Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.