Worship Devotions- Seek His Face

seeking God's facePsalm 27:8
My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, LORD, I will seek.

So often when it comes to the Lord with more than happy to seek His hand, but we do not seem so interested in seeking His face!

So often we cry out to God for His provision, and I’m sure from His point of view it often seems that this is the only thing we are interested in. Can you imagine being a father and the only time your son or daughter wants to talk to you is when they want something? Some of you parents will already know what I’m talking about!

God is a real person with real feelings, and he is not interested in just giving you what you want when you demand it! He wants relationship, and He sent His son to die for your sins to re-establish a relationship that was broken in the Garden of Eden. He paid the ultimate price because to Him relationship is the most important thing.

Even in your ministry, relationship is more important than success. If you only have a praying when you need God to help you play or sing something or to inspire your congregation to worship, and you are seeking only His hand and not His face. And if that’s all He means to you, you are breaking His heart!

You need to seek the face of God every day, regardless of whether you are scheduled to lead worship on the weekend. Love Him, grow in Him and seek more than His hand today!  Seek His face, and get to know Him in a deeper way.  Then you get His hand and His provision as well!

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