Worship Devotions- Eternity in Men’s Hearts

Arthur Stace and EternityEcclesiastes 3:11

 God has set eternity in the hearts of men…

This passage says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of men, and this is certainly true in our modern age.  With all our technology, with advances in health, communication and the collapse of marriage relationships, with wars and rumours of wars, terrorism and financial crises, somewhere hidden deep in the hearts of most people are thoughts about eternity.

Arthur Stace was a simple, humble man who had been an alcoholic most of his life.  He came the Christ and wondered what he could possibly do to serve the King of Kings.  He had little talent, no great achievements, was illiterate and not much going for him.  But he had a piece of chalk, and so he started writing the word “Eternity” in flowing, copperplate script on the sidewalks of Sydney in Australia.  No one knew who this mysterious “Mr Eternity” was.

He was nearly arrested 24 times for defacing Council property, but he said he was obeying a higher source, and kept writing this single word an estimated 500,000 times across a 35 year period. He died at age 83, not really sure if he had done anything substantial for the Lord he loved.

Yet thousands came to Christ after seeing this word on the pavement.  My own father once saw it, and wondered what it was all about.  This single word stimulated something in the psychology of Sydneysiders and visitors, and led many to seek our churches and give their lives to Christ.  One single word, that God has written in the hearts of men, and the effect was so great that is was written across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in fireworks at the culmination of the millennium New Year celebrations, seen around the world.

One word from God, and a faithful heart!  That’s all the Lord needs.  Are you faithful enough to serve, even without recognition? Are you faithful enough to stay the course across years as you serve your Saviour?  You don’t need to preach a sermon when you lead worship, you need but one word from God and a willing heart!

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