Remembering my Dad

remembering my dadHi guys, there was no podcast last week because my dad passed away on Monday.  Pretty tough week, but we are looking to the Lord in this difficult time and honouring Him, just as Dad would have honoured him!  This little post is about remembering my dad, and if you want to share a little with our joy, and grief, please read on…

For those who are interested, I used one of the songs off my new album to put together a special tribute to his life.  The song is “Psalm 23”, and traditional hymn and I am singing it with my daughter Tara.  My dad loved Jesus from the age of 12, and is now home with Him in glory.  There’s only those of us left here who need to struggle on with this, and we have grace to journey on without our patriarch.

I nursed him for 4 days and nights with my mum and 2 sisters, and it was the hardest experience and worst week of my life… but I would not have missed it for anything!  Many have now told me that I am the patriarch of my family now.  What an honour, and I pray that my life will be worthy to continue the great leadership my dad provided.  You won’t know who he is, but if you watch the clip you will understand the caliber of the man and the depth of his love for he Lord

Love you dad, miss you Dad, but you are where you should be, and we will keep on serving the one who wipes away every tear!  Here’s the video clip, and there will be another podcast this week



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