Refining Our Heart

Refining firePsalm 66:9
He has preserved our lives, and kept our feet from slipping.

No one really likes being tested, but it is an essential part of living for Jesus and growing in His image.  Refining is a fact of life!

The thing is, love says, “God, I love you and will do anything You ask,” but obedience says, “God, let me prove it to You!”

That’s what the test is all about as we grow.  He brings trials and burdens our way, amply supported by His eternal and unfailing love, and it is this same love that uses painful, difficult and testing situations to purify our character, and deepen our trust in Him.

When gold is refined, it is placed in a furnace and fire refines it.  When silver is refined, pressure is the key ingredient.  And the testing of our faith involves both fire and pressure, but so many Christians turn on God when they face trials rather than thanking Him for the incredible refinement we see in our lives as a result.

Today, you may face the fires of attack, persecution or pain.  You may face the pressure of worries, disappointments or fears.  But as you do, remember that the Lord allows these things to come against our lives so that we may be refined, and once metal is refined it is more beautiful, and more useful.

Obedience melts away pride and arrogance.  Obedience crushes our selfishness and fears.  The end result is a pure and peaceful heart that is set on God, serving Him with gladness and totally devoted to Jesus.

If fire and pressure has to come against our lives to raise us to greater, deeper and more holy service in our ministries, then it is a small price to pay.  Whatever you face today, bring on obedience and bring on fire and pressure, and trust God to use it all for His glory in your life!

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