Making the Right Decisions as a Worship Leader

Here’s the next installment in our devotions for the worship leader…

Psalm 25:4

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

decision-making-worship leaderCorrect decision making is critical for  a worship leader as it is for any leading in the church, and frankly most people don’t get it right!  We face many decisions in our lives, with some being big like getting married or moving cities, and some being small such as buying shoes or deciding what to eat.  So how do you make Godly decisions and get it right time and time again.


[simpleazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0078XPTE4″ locale=”us” height=”200″ src=”” width=”114″]This verse assumes a couple of things.  It assumes that God has a way, a path He has already chosen for us.  And it assumes He wants to lead us along this path.  We may not know what the future holds, but we can always know Who holds our future!


So when it comes to decision making, as a worship leader or in any aspect of life where you face major decision, we need to do several things…


  1. Ask God.  We must pray and earnestly ask the Lord what we should do, being ready and willing to receive it whether it be what we want or not!
  2. Seek godly advice.  Ask someone you respect in the Lord for their advice, not your best mate at the football club or a girlfriend at work!
  3. Wait on God.  We need to wait for the Lord, not rush in without Him.  He does have a greater understanding than we do, so if He waits, so should we. However, we should also…
  4. Take action.  Start moving, but make sure you allow God to direct your steps.  Remember, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).  It is easier to steer a ship that is moving because the rudder can bite, but a stationary ship can lose direction.
  5. Ask for Scripture confirmation.  This is increasingly a big one for me!  If I am to make a big decision, I want Scripture to support it.  Not something I have concocted to fit my circumstance, but something from my devotional time which is miraculous and speaks to my spirit.  If I have this, I can stand against any foe and keep believing!

So if you face decisions, trust the Lord and work through the above action plan.  If you feel God is calling you in a certain direction, and all of these line up, then you are on a winner!  If these are only partially there, then you need to wait and ask God for the rest before you dive in.

Remember, worship leader, whatever decision you face, God has a plan and a direction for you, so relax and trust Him!

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