250- Are your leading, Pushing or Leaving Them Behind in Your Worship Leading?

Your Worship Leading

In your worship leading are you leading, pushing or leaving your people behind?

I’m sure you want to answer “Leading them”, but so often we are on stage doing our thing and the congregation is being left behind, abandoned by your worship leading while you surge on ahead. Or alternatively, you are constantly pushing them to get involved, driving them as hard as you can into God’s presence, when it seems no one is really interested.

Your Worship Leading Can be More Powerful!

Why settle for driving your congregation, or leaving them behind when your worship leading could be so much more effective?  This special podcast looks at how you can actually lead people into deeper worship, and how you can make your worship leading more effective and a greater blessing for both you and your church!

It is so tempting to do your own thing, but our calling as worship leaders is to lead people in worship, not push or leave them behind.  So find out how you can lead your congregation in worship instead of pushing or abandoning them by listening to this podcast…

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