Who is on your worship team?  Probably more important, why are they on the team at all?

Is it people you know and trust?  Is it iconic and masterful musicians, or sensational singers with a 4-octave range? Is it the pastor’s daughter, who can’t sing, but you know you just have to have on the team.

Forming your worship team is not easy

Different people want to be a part of the worship for a variety of reasons, some of which are noble, some self-seeking and some and godly reasons.  You have to learn about them, their history, their desires and dreams and their heart to serve.

And sometimes, it’s hard to look beneath the surface and see the real reasons these people want to be on the team. But remember, when establishing worship in your church, you need to form a team, and a team needs to be made up of people who can actually work together!

Many times we select members of the team because they are talented, or skilled at playing or singing. But the reality it that, while hey may have talent, some of these people are difficult to work with, and sometimes they cause incredible disruption and dissension within the ranks.

That’s why we decided to spend a 12-minute pod asking you to take a look at your worship team, and the reasons they are who they are, and help you assemble a dream team that will lead your church into a glorious and worshipful future.

The decisions you make about who is in your worship team and why could be some of the most pivotal and important decisions you make for the whole of your future in ministry, so listen to this podcast and make the right decision about who to include in you worship team…

Bad attitudes in your team can blow your ministry apart! No matter who you are, at some stage you will have to deal with these attitudes in your worship team.

Bad Attitudes in Your Team can Destroy it!

Let’s not kid ourselves, bad attitudes in your team can kill the entire team, and ruin your ministry.  If you are the one with the bad attitude, you can lose the support of those in your team.   You can also lose their respect, so you definitely need to watch your attitude!

But often you encounter a bad attitude from someone else on your team.  If you strike this, you would be surprised at how quickly this attitude can spread throughout the entire worship community!

Now it might be a once off, due to lack of sleep or sickness, or it might be ongoing bad attitudes in your team, but how you deal with this has a massive bearing on how your team performs.  as a once off, you might be gracious enough to overlook bad attitudes in your team, but if it is an ongoing standard of behaviour, then you have a major and potentially destruction problem on your hands.

You will first have to make a decision as to when you deal with it, and then you have to decide how you deal with bad attitudes in your team.  And trust me, I can tell you from bitter experience that taking the easy road and failing to deal with the behaviour and the gossip that it generates will cost you in the long run because these things have a nasty habit of not going away but festering and exploding into a complete disaster in the future!

So this podcast is all about how to deal with bad attitudes in your team, and how to do so in a godly, kind and decisive way, while at the same time being firm and snuffing out any potential problems that can cause long-term difficulties.

It’s all happening on today’s worship leader podcast!