We all know what a worship team looks like, but what does a healthy one look like?

Do you need to be doing exercises and eating healthy to have a healthy worship team?  Of course not, but a healthy worship team does have certain characteristics that you can foster to make your worship team all that it can possibly be!

In this exciting podcast, we examine what make’s truly healthy team, including the lives of the team members, the way they interact and the way you lead worship.

So if you want a healthy worship team, one that leads worship in unity and truth, and does so with an element of fun, then listen to this pod!

130- The Best Way to Lead

styles of leadershipThis week’s worship leader podcast is all about the best way to lead your worship team.  There are different styles of leadership, but frankly some are far better than others.  If you want to inspire others and lead in a way that not only brings the best out of your team, but also sees them love and respect you, then this is one pod you are not going to want to miss!


Leadership is a funny thing.  People talk about it a lot, but very few leaders know how to effectively lead in an inspirational and godly way, and that’s what today’s worship leader podcast will show you.


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Learning how to lead worship can be a long and difficult task, especially if you have nobody to help you.  Where do you start, how do you inspire others and where do you go in the worship?  These are all important questions that need to be answered and it is my hope that these few tips will help you learn how to lead worship the easy way.


Preparation is How to Lead Worship Effectively


Prepare your heart: 

Pray and really seek the Lord, not just before you begin the service, but before you even select the songs.  Make sure your heart is right before Him, don’t brush any sin under the carpet, and ask God to use you as His instrument to lead the people closer to Himself.  Lay aside any hidden agenda you might have and pledge to serve him alone in worship.


how to lead worship” src=”http://worshipleaderonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/worship-leader-10.jpg” alt=”How to Lead Worship”http://worshipleaderonline.com”>how to lead worship” width=”380″ height=”238″ />Select Songs People Love: 


The biggest mistake you can make when learning how to lead worship is to choose the songs you like.  You are not there to push your own songs and your own musical tastes, you are there to lead the congregation in praise and worship.  If you are just learning how to lead worship, make sure than the people know and love the songs you select, even if you don’t like them!  It is far easier to lead people in songs they know and enjoy rather than teaching new songs to them!


Select Songs That Go Together Musically:


If you do not have an understanding of what songs can flow from one to the next seamlessly then ask a musician who understands this.  If you are committed to learning how to lead worship learn how to understand music as well, because the two go together.


As a rule of thumb, I would start by selecting songs which are in the same key.  You can even select say 3 songs in one key, then 2 songs in the next key up, enabling you to modulate yet still flow from one song to the next.


Select Worship Team Members Carefully


If you can select your team, make sure you choose those whose hearts are pure and who have some degree of skill in singing or playing.  Choosing prideful yet good musicians often sees them taking over, but selecting good hearted poor musicians makes the entire process difficult.  If you cannot select the team (perhaps because you have an established roster), contact each member privately and encourage them in their gift and their support as you lead.


Watch your Timing:


Going overtime is another problem I often see in those learning how to lead worship, and from the pastor’s perspective it is rude and disrespectful (unless God is doing something amazing, in which case you seek the pastor’s blessing to continue).  Time each song as near as you can, and always try and go under the allotted time.


Learning How to Lead Worship Takes Time


No matter how faith-filled you are, learning how to lead worship takes time, so don’t expect to get everything right the first time.  My aim is to improve little by little, week after week, and to get some worship leader training to streamline and quicken the process.


Being a praise and worship leader is a huge privilege and a beautiful journey, but applying these principles should see you start the race well.  Take the time to grow in your craft, increase your skills and train in leadership, because learning how to lead worship is a lifetime journey.

How To Lead Worship