277- Worship Team Dislikes

Worship team dislikes are a part of ministry, aren’t they?

Do you like the people in your worship team? You may or may not like them, but despite how you feel you need to lead them as they lead the people in church into worship.

Like any ministry team, your worship team consists of individuals, some of whom you will love and be drawn to, and other of whom you simply will not like.  It’s life, and you cannot always choose who will be in your team, or who will have the talent and skill you need for your worship ministry.

Worship team dislikes are a Fact of Leadership Life

So given that you are likely to get a variety of people in your worship team, how do you deal with the team members you don’t like?  Well here is the interesting thing… everyone else in your team are watching you!

So how you deal with the Worship team dislikes, the people in your team you don’t really like, is going to play a big part in unity, which is going to play a big part in how effective your worship leading ministry is. And after all, eternity is a long time to spend with people you don’t like, so you need to find a way to like them down here on earth, right?

This is the second part of our series, and it deals with leading your worship team effectively, even if you, let us say, don’t exactly warm to them! Listen to this valuable information now…

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