63- Caring for Your Worship Team in Lockdown

worship team in lockdown

We re all going through it, and none of us like it, but lockdown is a reality for the entire world, and yes, even worship leaders.

Your Worship Team in Lockdown Needs a Leader!

Church is super weird right now, with zero contact, isolation, church on Facebook, zoom meetings, and frankly we are all getting a little, well, “over it” by this stage.

And so is your worship team. But rather than see all the negatives and difficulties, we wanted to change it all around and begin to see opportunities, perhaps even opportunities to minister to others in a way you might never have been able to think about just a few months ago.

And people need love right now.  Your worship team in lockdown is no different, stuck in a house or apartment, bored, frustrated and going out of their mind!  The social price that the world will pay for this pandemic is yet to be fully measured, but it will be extreme for sure!

So we want you as a worship leader to become the leader God has destined you to be!  And there is no greater opportunity that the once in a lifetime, even the once in a Millenium opportunities we now face.  You might be aware that the Chinese symbol for the word “crisis: is a combination of two words, danger and opportunity.  While the rest of the world is seeing danger we as the people of God can see opportunities that are unique.  And we can see chances to step up and be a leader to our worship team in lockdown, meeting their needs and pastoring them in their isolation and frustration.

In this special pod, we look at ways you can encourage and bless your worship team during their, and your lockdown.  The Lord can open unique opportunities for you, so listen to this pod and put some of these into action…

49- Who is on your Worship Team and Why?

your worship team

Who is on your worship team?  Probably more important, why are they on the team at all?

Is it people you know and trust?  Is it iconic and masterful musicians, or sensational singers with a 4-octave range? Is it the pastor’s daughter, who can’t sing, but you know you just have to have on the team.

Forming your worship team is not easy

Different people want to be a part of the worship for a variety of reasons, some of which are noble, some self-seeking and some and godly reasons.  You have to learn about them, their history, their desires and dreams and their heart to serve.

And sometimes, it’s hard to look beneath the surface and see the real reasons these people want to be on the team. But remember, when establishing worship in your church, you need to form a team, and a team needs to be made up of people who can actually work together!

Many times we select members of the team because they are talented, or skilled at playing or singing. But the reality it that, while hey may have talent, some of these people are difficult to work with, and sometimes they cause incredible disruption and dissension within the ranks.

That’s why we decided to spend a 12-minute pod asking you to take a look at your worship team, and the reasons they are who they are, and help you assemble a dream team that will lead your church into a glorious and worshipful future.

The decisions you make about who is in your worship team and why could be some of the most pivotal and important decisions you make for the whole of your future in ministry, so listen to this podcast and make the right decision about who to include in you worship team…

2- Assembling Your Dream Team for Worship

dream team for worship

The Dream Team for worship might look different to different worship leaders, but we all have one in mind, or somewhere deep in our heart. What does your perfect dream team for worship look like, and who fulfils those roles.

This is 12 minutes that you can invest right now that might make a difference for your entire year, so check it out now…

, or somewhere deep in our heart. What does your perfect dream team for worship look like, and who fulfils those roles.

What Does Your Dream Team for Worship Leading Look Like?

Hey, it’s OK to dream a little.  I know you might be in a church situation where there does not seem to be much happening, maybe you are the only musician, but dreaming big is often the start of moving towards your destiny.

I have been in many situations throughout life where there’s been a lack of personnel (or at least the right personnel), and when I’ve started to dream and ask God, suddenly the right people have come in.  I do not believe it is wishful thinking, but rather it is allowing God to direct your dream and vision for the future, and letting Him shape your worship team.

Many times people have the abilities you need, and they are hiding in plain sight!  As you dream and believe God for something awesome, as you pray and seek His will for your worship team, then you can start to see the kind of players and singers you want coming your way!

So we wanted to start this brand New Year with an encouragement to step back, have a good long look at your band and singers, and start dreaming of the right and suitably gifted people the Lord is going to bring into your church.  It costs nothing to have a vision for the future of your ministry, but that vision could be the very thing that drives you and sustains you into what the Lord has for your ministry, and your worship leading.

This is 12 minutes that you can invest right now that might make a difference for your entire year, so check it out now…