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77- Incorporating Everything into Worship

Can you incorporate everything into worship?

We do so much during our church services, anything we can do to streamline them should be fully explored by every worship leader.  The truth is, with a little bit of insight and Godly wisdom, we can incorporate everything into worship and make things flow, improving the experience of our congregations.

Think about all the things you might normally do in a service, such as communion, announcements, prayers, mission spots.

It’s a wonder we have any time available at all! Yet as a congregational leader, you can be a huge help to your pastor by incorporating many or even all of these activities into your praise leading.

It’s not just about leading songs or getting people to sing, it is providing them an opportunity to come with you on a journey of worshipping which draws the worshipper deeper and closer to Jesus.  That’s why things like com

The fact is that we can, if we really seek the Lord on this, include so many things into our worship leading that would normally be placed between songs, or after worshipping.

Discover how to do this, streamline your church services and serve your pastor and your people more effectively in this week’s podcast…

Worship Leader Podcast

20- Does Worship Require Music?

Does worship require music?

Of course, the answer is no, but surely music and singing can enhance the worship experience and promote unity when it comes to worship in a church environment. We know that we can worship anywhere, any time and that no music, words, artifacts, religious ceremonies are needed.  God is God, and he is longing to connect with us, using any means possible.

This podcast is all about how worship can go beyond just the music played and the lyrics that are sung, and permeate all of your life and the life of your worship team and the whole church.

If you truly love the Lord, then you will want to pay any price and do anything to connect with Him in worship. And while some might disagree with the question itself, does worship require music, if we as worship leaders are dedicated to making that true and honest connection with God, then the method really is not important.

We worship the Lord with our money and giving, with our time, with our speech and with every aspect of our lives, but certainly when we are feeling down or flat, maybe distant from the Lord, we answer the question of does worship require music with a resounding, “No, but it sure helps when we are flat.”

And as this podcast explores, sometimes times of quietness and contemplation, times when music is specifically not there, can be very powerful in worship. We live in noisy environments every day, and there are times when we should not as worship leaders be filling up people heads with more and more sounds, but rather allow them space and the liberty to worship the Lord without music or noise.

Take 12 minutes out of your busy day to realign your heart with a true heart of worship in this challenging podcast…

Worship Leader Podcast

293- Music and Evangelism

Music and evangelism should be a great combination, but often times evangelists face a real battle with their music.

Music and Evangelism is More than a Church Service

We cannot effectively just treat an evangelistic outreach as a regular church service, so this week, Erick interviews Darin on his recent trip to India and the role that music can and should play in evangelism.

Now I know it may seem a little odd interviewing one of the hosts of the show, but Darin has specialised in worship and musical items in evangelistic crusades and outreaches for over 30 years, so he may just have a perspective worth listening to.

Australia’s renowned evangelist Dr. Bill Newman chooses to fly Darin all over the world to sing before he preaches because he believes that the right songs, ministered in the right way, can see more people won for Christ.

So many churches just transfer their regular church service songs and worship when they try to reach out, especially at special services like Christmas and Easter.  But evangelism requires music that is much more specific than what we usually sing in church because many times the songs we song and even the subject matter and content of said songs has little or no bearing on the person in the street, who probably has never been to church in their life!

So what is the secret of conducting a great evangelistic outreach meeting, and how can music and evangelism work well so that the songs actually add to the word preached, enhance it and see an even greater harvest of souls that would have been expected?  Does an evangelistic meeting mean we cannot use the songs we regularly use in church, or is there a place for both worship leading and solo singers in your outreach?

So learn how music and evangelism can work together for good in today’s exclusive podcast interview…



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Worship Leader Podcast 54- Voices Vs Instruments

Join the Voices Vs Instruments Debate on This Pod!


Voices Vs InstrumentsThis worship leader podcast is about one of the age of questions of music, especially worship music… voices vs intruments: which is more important, the music or the voices?


Now singers and musicians will argue back and forth, but the pod asks which one God thinks is more important, and the congregation.  We also discuss how to find a balance between the two.



Voices vs Instruments– are You Up For a Fight?

Seriously, this debate could go on for ages but we want to actually make some sense in this worship leader podcast, so we will stop arguing and reveal all about how to get the right balance between voices and instruments. So if you have ever struggled with the voices vs instruments debate in your church, this is a super important podcast for you!  Oh, and don’t forget to laugh a little bit too, as we discuss the balance (we all finish up as friends again, so don’t worry).  There’s fun and a serious message in today’s worship leader podcast.   And to hear the latest Worship Leader Podcast, click on on the hyperlink and turn up your computer speakers (preferably really LOUD!). You can also download the worship leader podcastfor free from itunes, or subscribe to it so you don’t miss any episode ever! So driving to work, mowing the lawn or just chilling out (maybe in an old rocking chair!), let the worship leader podcast teach you and maximise the use of the time you have for the Lord!

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Join the voices vs instrument debate in this podcast now!

Voices Vs Instruments