K.I.S.SOften we make praise and worship leading so complex, when really the concept is pretty simple… worship Jesus with everything you have!  As praise and worship leaders, we want to make the music, the arrangements, the instruments and what we say and sing complex, interesting and inspired, but there is something inherently simple about worshiping God.

In fact, it’s almost like God wants the base things of this world to confound the wise, isn’t it?

Perhaps, in the middle of all the learning, all the rehearsals and all the instruments and performances, perhaps we need to get back to basics and keep things simple.  That’s what this great podcast is all about…

The Worship K.I.S.S

You have probably heard this before, but in worship we need to greet one another with a holy K.I.S.S… Keep It Simple, Silly!  SO grab a simple cup of tea or coffee, sit back and listen to the Praise and Worship Leader Podcast Team as they keep it simple and help you keep your worship leading simple before the Lord…

words and musicWhen worship leading, do the singers need to have words and music on stage? Do the musicians need their music on stage? Do I use music on stage?

In short, yes, yes and NO! I rarely have the words and music in front of me. I memorize them, and flow with the chords so they make sense, playing them from the heart (or by ear if you like) rather than reading them.

The Argument Against Words and Music Onstage

I have to admit, seeing music stands across the stage is something I really hate, and I think it looks terribly unprofessional. As I said before, when was the last time you saw a secular rock band on MTV with written music on music stands in front of them? They work hard, remember their words and chords, and I think we should be able to do the same. Sure, cover bands who are doing 500 songs from the 50s and 60s may use songbooks, but I think, if we are doing only 4-8 songs it a morning, there really is no excuse for us!

The Argument for Words and Music Onstage

However, it is better to have the words and music in front of you than forget what you are supposed to play/sing. I think each worship band should have a song book, enabling a quick change of songs if needed, but ideally they are only for reference. If you aspire to excellence and professionalism in your worship band, MINIMIZE THE USE OF MUSIC STANDS!

words and musicThat being said, some like me find it much easier to play by ear than others, who are not comfortable working without seeing the words and music. I occasionally sneak a look at the projected words on the screen if I am in doubt.

The best way to do it, if you must, is to blow the songs up big and place them on the stage in front of you. Then the audience cannot see the fact that you are operating off a book, but the words are seen by you on stage.   Any complaints that they cannot see them should be met with this response… they are only there for EMERGENCIES, not to be sight read through the entire song. The words and music are simply references if you need them.

I would also add that I have witnessed some incredibly uninspired worship featuring musicians who simply stare at the pages in front of them! It is extremely difficult to lose yourself in worship while sight reading music or words. So, guys, put in a bit of work, memorize the song as best you can, then play by heart and concentrate on worshiping the Lord, not reading the words or music. After all, the worship team is not really there to sing or play, but to lead others into worship.

Interestingly, Erick and I differ completely in our views of music and words onstage.  I hate them, and he thinks they are great, so obviously there is no blanket ideas when i comes to this area.

So, everyone is different, and you need to make a decision about your band.  But if you do need them, please keep words and music onstage to a minimum and make sure that your team are not just staring at them… At least make it look as though they care enough to learn the song properly!

Comparisons in worship leadingComparisons are a part of life, probably from when we are sill young kids (she walked at 9 months but he didn’t walk until 14 months!), but this worship leader podcast explores whether comparing yourself to others, either in your team or in other churches, is helpful.

Join the pod team as they discuss comparisons in worship leading, whether they are good or bad, helpful or not.

Thing is, if you compare yourself to others all the time, it is pretty much NEVER good.  If someone else is better then you at singing, playing or leading, you feel discouraged.  If you are better than someone else, you feel prideful.  Either way, we don’t believe that God is glorified in either of these!

So how you do face the inevitable comparisons, because even if you don’t do this, someone else will for sure, saying things like, “I think you’re a better worship leader than so and so.”

You cannot escape it, so this week the pod team discuss how you can deal with the odious comparisons that will follow you no matter what.  What is a godly response, and how can we protect ourselves from the damage and jealousy that this sort of behaviour inevitably causes?

Grab a cup of something nice, and an open mind, because this is a pivotal problem we all face so check out today’s worship leader podcast…

Coping with devastating sadnessCoping with devastating sadness is never easy, and if you have to lead worship while you are trying to fathom the depths of sadness, is can be even more difficult,  I know because this is what I am going through right now with my father dying.

Leading worship is an emotional experience, and I believe that the Lord can use even sadness as fuel for an incredible worship time.  When we are weak, He is strong, so when we are sad, the Lord can use this to His glory.


I am not suggesting that we downplay or ignore feelings like sadness, hurt or frustration, and I am not convinced that simply telling yourself to “cheer up and lead worship” is the answer.  Last Sunday I led worship, and as I thought about the Lord and concentrated on Him, my sadness began to lift.  Surely there will be people there in your church who need the tonic of worship to lift them above the trials and troubles they face?  Surely we can allow a gracious God to use our pain to bless someone else?


Let us not be so self absorbed, even in the midst of devastating loss, that we forget the incredible privilege and honour it is to serve, even if we have pain doing it!  That’s what this podcast is about… allow God to use us to His glory in worship, no matter what we are personally going through!


Coping with devastating sadness can lead to unbelievable times of worship if we let it and let God!



women in worship ministryThis is a very special worship leader podcast talking about women in worship ministry.  We know it is often a little bit harder for a woman, and that there are different expectations, and so we have joining us, back after a long absence, original pod member Suzie, to give us a woman’s perspective!


In this pod we look at what is expected of women in worship ministry, what women want (No, not a Mel Gibson movie but what you ladies actually want to see in your worship leading), and also what women in worship ministry bring to the table that is unique and special, and worthy of our respect and support.


How do Women in Worship Ministry Feel, and What Should They Expect?


This and many other questions will be answered by the podcast team, so grab a cup of tea, sit back and join the gang as they explore the role of women in worship ministry…

And don’t forget, if you are a woman involved in worship leading, you can bring a unique and special aspect to worship.  Bu you need to get the right training, so you can lead and communicate with your band and singers effectively, and that’s where we can help.

Learn How to Become More Effective as a Woman in Worship Ministry Here…

quiet in your worshipThis worship leader podcast is about using quiet in your worship leading, which is a much overlooked technique that can have a seriously powerful effect as you lead worship in your church.  Often we make a lot of noise in our worship leading, and we love lots of instruments and also love arranging music.


However, quiet and even silence as you lead worship can become an essential and highly anointed thing to do, and that’s what the guys explore in this week’s podcast.  They look at both silence and also quiet music, and discuss ways that you can use both techniques every week in church and make it never sound awkward, weird or strange.


So settle back and find some quiet in your worship leading, and discover how you can use this to really touch the hearts and lives of your congregation time and time again!

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shine photoLearning how to shine for Jesus in every aspect of your life is not only important for you as a worship leader, but it’s essential for you as a committed and on fire Christian!

This Worship Leader Podcast Could Change Your Life and Ministry!

Here is one podcast you need to listen to, whether you are actively involved in worship leading or not, because all of us need to shine for Jesus, all day, every day.  So it doesn’t matter what you do, or where you are doing it, you must think about shining for your faith and impacting the world around you.

So whether it’s at the office, your school or your church, and whether you are leading worship, playing in the band, buying groceries, spending time with your family or filling your car with gas, if we look for them opportunities to shine for Jesus are frequent, and can directly affect the people around you.  Believe me, they are watching, and people notice what you are like on the stage and off it!

So grab a cup of tea, settle back, relax and take in this important podcast…

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Photo by Jeremiah John McBride 145- How to Shine for Jesus

living photo

What do You Live For?

Philippians 1:21

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain

What do you live for?  I mean, what is it that drives you in your life?  Many people live for their families, some for their jobs.  Many live for technology and science, or philosophy, and some just live for that next high on drugs or alcohol.

But we are different, worship leaders!  We must not give ourselves to technology, philosophy or addictions, for we have a higher calling.  Even our jobs or families fade away next the incredible privilege of serving Jesus.

What we are prepared to die for, we must also be prepared to live for everyday.  When we worship God, truly worship Him deeply either on stage or alone with Him, we are opening a window to the future when we shall be worshiping Him for ever and ever.  All the pains and troubles of this world will fade away as we worship.  All the knowledge and wisdom of this world shall dry up and be blown away by the power of His majesty and splendour!

So what do you live for?  In eternity to come, will it be of value or will it fade away to nothing?  What are you building into your life, is it wood, hay and stubble or gold, silver and costly stones?  Whom do you really worship with your life and your talents?

As you worship God today, think about what you really live for, and make sure it is eternal.  Eternity will be spend doing exactly what you have the privilege of doing right now, only on steroids!  It will be just like the best worship time you have ever had, only bigger, brighter and better,

Worship is a window through which you can discover what you are living for.

Photo by Uptown Saint John Worship Devotions- What Do You Live For?

stage fright photoStage fright is a fact of life for a public performer or ministry.  I reckon it actually sharpens what I am doing, but for some people it is a nightmare, so this worship leader podcast is about dealing with stage fright.  And here’s the good news… getting stage fright is not weird or unique to you, we are all in it together!

Stage fright is something we all must face at some time, but it doesn’t always depend on the size of the audience.  In fact, I often get more nervous with a small crowd than in a huge stadium, so go figure that one out!  It depends sometimes on who is in the audience, and it especially depends on how confident you are doing what you’re doing.

As a seasoned performer, I always experience stage fright EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk onto the stage, in a church, a hall, a stadium or even someone’s lounge room, so here is a special pod on how to deal and even harness it to improve your presentation, performance and of course, your ministry.

And don’t forget, the University has just started, and there are some great things going on there!  Check out this video…

[vimeo theater]87435818[/vimeo]

See you next time guys, and keep on worshiping Jesus and growing in your ministry!



Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

reading audience photoReading your congregation is an important skill, one which is most often overlooked!  This worship leader podcast looks at how you can read your audience, what they are thinking and how they are reacting, so that you can effectively lead them from where they are to a greater worship experience.

So many worship leaders fail to read they people, and the result is that they worship God and “do their thing” on stage, while the congregation stares into space, watches them or check their cell phones.  No secular performer worth his salt does this, but we seem to think that because we are worshiping we can do what we like, without engaging our audience at all.

Worship leaders, it’s time to get this one right and lead, truly lead our congregations into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  It’s not enough for us to have a good time while they watch, and this worship leader podcast is all about reading the people, knowing if they are with you or not, and gently leading them into a more wonderful relationship with Jesus.  It’s not theory, but this pod is all about how you read them, and how you respond when they are not tracking with you.

A no holes barred worship leader podcast about reading your congregation…

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Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library