Leading people using themes in worship leading is a super cool thing to do!

So is your worship leading all over the place, or do you work to a theme?  Does it have direction and does it fit with the rest of the service?  A theme is an awesome and very powerful way to not only bless people, but also prepare their hearts for a specific word, so that’s what this podcast is all about… theme-ingly!


OK, sorry about the theme pun, but hopefully you are getting excited about the possibilities of using your worship leading not only to connect people with the Spirit of God, but also to use the theme to fit in perfectly with the rest of the service and what the pastor is preaching on, thereby preparing the hearts of people to fully engage and receive the Word of God


Whatever you standard of worship leading, and however experienced you are in your ministry, this podcast is worth listening to and enjoying because it will make you a more effective ministry, and make you the pastor’s favourite!

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reasons for worshipSo What are your reasons for worship leading?

I mean, why do you do it at all?

Sure, we all want to worship the Lord, but what really motivates us as worship leaders?  Is it the glory, the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of making music, the joy of worshiping and giving honour to the King of Kings?

The thing is, if we are honest, we all have different reasons for worship leading.  Many are noble, of course, and many of us want to do the very best job we possibly can… for the Lord, not ourselves, right?

Psalm 139:23 says, “Search me O God and know my heart, test me and know my thoughts,” so no matter how pure your heart is, we all need to examine ourselves, what we are doing and even why we are doing it, and we need to do this regularly.

So please ask yourself the reasons for worship leading, and listen to today’s podcast with an open and receptive heart…

Holy Spirit in worship leadingWe all know that we need the Holy Spirit in worship leading, but not all of us are able to be totally Spirit led every time we lead worship.

The fact is, we tend to rely more on our programming and down natural musical ability when it comes to Sunday morning, even though we realise that what makes the difference between a good performance and anointed performance is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This podcast is about the Holy Spirit in worship leading, and how you can be more led by the Spirit as you lead your people.

This is not a podcast about a formula, techniques or crazy ideas designed to improve your performance, but rather it is a discussion about how you can take whatever performance you have, with you are on top of the world or experiencing great weakness, and hand it over to the Spirit of God to allow him to move silently through your worship leading.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to today’s worship leader podcast. If you can even capture a tiny amount more of the Holy Spirit and His leading in your worship, it will be worth the time you are investing in listening to our pod!

So have a listen and be blessed worship leaders!

forcing God's hand in worshipTrying to force God’s hand in worship leading is one of the biggest dilemmas facing worship leaders who truly want to be powerful.  The thing is, we want to see the Lord move so much, that if He takes His time we feel almost compelled to “give Him a little help”, don’t we?  But when we do it, it is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole!

Now please understand, I am not accusing anyone of anything other than zeal to see God move, but I also believe that we need to have the patience to wait on God… in essence, to let God be God.  Thing is, when the Lord moves powerfully in His way and His timing, awesome and mighty things happen.

When we do it, or when we fake it, it all falls flat!  Come on, let’s be honest, every single one of us has been there at some time.  Our desire for the Lord is right, our desire to see Him move powerfully is right, but we force God’s hand!

Listen, Don’t Force God’s Hand in Worship Leading

If you truly want to lead powerful worship in church, and if you are completely honest about it, then this is one podcast you do not want to miss.  Straight up, honest and revealing, let the team talk you through how you can see God do awesome things in your midst, not you trying to force great worship


Worship LeadingWorship leading as a non musician is definitely a unique skill, and these days many people use instruments like the guitar and piano and lead from them.

However, leading as a singer is still alive and well, and so we thought we might do a podcast looking at how you can lead worship when you are not playing an instrument.

Worship Leading is Worship Leading

The fact is, whether you play something or not, worship leading is in essence the same.  Your job is to lead the people into worship, and in the end you need to do so in he way that makes most sense to you and sees you comfortable in the task.  If you play something, that’s fine.  If you don’t then this is the podcast for you!

In this pod we talk about how to lead, how to communicate with your band, what to do and not do to make worship leading awesome, even if you don’t actually play a note yourself. If you sing and lead, there will be some really great ideas coming out of this week’s worship leader podcast…

worship leading through distractionsIf you are involved in praise and worship leading, you will find yourself worship leading through distractions at some point.

There will always be a time when people in your congregation are distracted and not fully entering into worship, and for some of you this may happen on a regular basis, but there are specific ways we can deal with distractions and refocus people’s attention on the things that matter worship.

What do you mean by worship leading through distractions?

It may be that the whole congregation is distracted by an event that is happening such as a pastor announcing he is leaving, or it may be that you are not fully engaging people’s hearts in worship.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to not simply put up with the problem, but to come up with a way to lead powerful worship even though it seems like many people are distracted and uninterested.

Whatever your level of experience and expertise, this is a great podcast to listen to because no matter who you are, at some point, you’re going to have to worship lead through distractions and come out triumphant in the end! So grab a cup of coffee or tea and joined the POD team as they teach you how to refocus people’s hearts and worship lead through distractions…

preparation for worship leadingOK worship leaders, you probably know that preparation for worship leading is essential, but what is it, how do you do it effectively and how does it help?

All will be revealed in this very special worship leader podcast, because the team are going to open their closets and let you see inside exactly how they prepare for worship leading.

Can you prepare your heart to lead worship?  What songs do you choose? What keys should they be in? How can you train your team to follow you, even if you deviate from the initial preparation?

Trust me, worship leaders, preparing to lead worship is not just picking a few songs and bellowing them out.  It is an intricate journey with the Lord, day by day,journeying to the end result of being able to lead the people of God in praise and worship that blows their fuses!

So settle back and get ready to prepare and plan the best worship you have ever lead in church… Just click below and start learning all the ins and outs of preparation for worship leading!

social media and worship leadingBoy is this going to open a can of worms… Social media and worship leading can be a volatile mix, so this could be an incredibly important worship leader podcast for all of us!

Social media is an incredibly popular way for many people in church Ministry to stay in touch with members of the congregation, and similar ministries around the world. I mean, we use social media all the time and it’s not all that bad, is it?

However, there is a right and wrong way to use social media and worship leading can sometimes bring out the worst in social media. In this podcast you will learn that it is not a place to vent, complain or organise revolutions in your church worship team, but it is a place to connect with people’s hearts and encourage them.

But how do you use social media and worship leading correctly?

This is a great time few to get off Facebook, turn off Twitter and turn on the worship leader podcast. Whether you are listening to us on your way to work, or just sitting relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee, this podcast is the perfect way to learn how to correctly use the many avenues of social media in a way that honours God, builds up others and doesn’t destroy your Ministry….

It is well worth a listen, so click the button below and start listening.

And don’t forget there are always heaps of really cool things happening at praiseandworshipleader.com. So if you are leading worship in any way and in any capacity, there’s heaps of things to listen to, training to be had and POD casts to be enjoyed right here on the site.

For those of you who want to go a little bit deeper, don’t forget our praise and worship leader University, which has hours of training designed to help you reach your full potential as a worship leader.

And we are going to undergo a change in the next couple of months, which will see is institute a brand-new Academy further devoted to helping you become the praise and worship leader you want to be.

So if you are involved in praise and worship leading in your church, either as a worship leader, musician, singer or anything else, then this is the place to be to become everything you long to be in the Lord!

Until next time



180- Is it Work or Worship?

Work or worshipWhen you walk onto the stage on a Sunday morning, is it work or worship?Now I know now I know many of you are going to say that it is worship, of course, but the reality is there is a fair amount of work involved when you are preparing and ministering correctly.

We need to not close our eyes to the fact that as a worship leader there is work involved, but we must concentrate on the end goal which is leading people in worship, right through to the throne of God.

The fact is, how we view our ministry time is going to be reflected not only in the results but also in our attitude towards the people on our team, our leadership and our congregation.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… The balance between work and worship, the reality that we do face work, but the direction that we set leading people in worship, which is far more important.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to a pod casts that is aimed at your motivation, and keeping you excited and motivated as you minister…

And don’t forget, we have loads more teaching on how to lead praise and worship in our praise and worship leader University. It’s really cheap and really effective training for every worship leader, and it concentrate on the practical aspects of being a worship leader.

So if you feel that you need help and support in your ministry, don’t forget to check it out now and take advantage of the current format before we change it and make it even better!

So whatever you are doing remember that as of worship leader you are leading the people in worship, and while it may be work, a pretty hard work at times, it is still a tremendous privilege.

That’s why you need to get the balance between work and worship right!




Taking Responsibility for Your Worship leadingTaking responsibility for your worship leading is a part of leading worship in church.  You are a leader, and leaders do not pass the buck, but they step up and take responsibility, not just for the good times but also for the bad.

That’s what we are discussing in today’s worship leader podcast… how to take the responsibility you need to take in order for your worship to not just be good, but move up a gear or two to become sensational!

In the end, no mater what others are asking you to do, if you are going to lead worship you need to be able to take the responsibility for how it goes, good or bad.  I was asked one time to lead worship, but was told what songs I could do, and how I could do them.  I could not change any of the way they had been done every weeks for months, and could not select any others songs, new or old.  Yet they wanted me to be a worship leader.  I politely declined, because they didn’t want a worship leader, they wanted a clone, and I refused to take responsibility for how worship went on Sunday if I could not bring any influence!

So, listen to today’s podcast and decide to step up, step out and face the responsibility of worship leading.  You will experience an awesome presence of God as you grow and learn, trust me!

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And don’t forget, you can learn more about taking responsibility by getting the right training for the job.  Click here to check it out!