Coping with criticism of your worship leading is never going to be fun, but it is something that we all face, sometimes more often than we want to think about, right?

It’s a fact that no one likes to be criticised.  You don’t like it, and neither do I, and I don’t know many people running around saying joyfully, ” I love being criticised!” But when you face criticism of your worship leading, and you will, then you need to establish who is doing the criticising, why or what their agenda is, and is it valid.  Then you must ask the Lord how to respond in a godly and God honouring way.

OK, this all sounds good in theory, but how in the world do you do this when the criticism tore your heart to pieces?

Criticism of Your Worship Leading is Painful, but Often Powerful

Criticism of your worship leading is always going to hurt, especially if you’re a little sensitive like me (that’s not a joke, by the way, I really do feel i when others criticise me). Yet I have learned to respond in the right way, examine the validity of the critique, and have also learned that very often the one with the bigger problem is the one delivering the criticism, not me.

Well this podcast is for everyone who has been hurt but criticism, just or unjust, and we will show you how to not only cope but also use criticism to improve your worship leading…


And by the way, if you want to minimise criticism, there are some really simple things you can do which can decrease bad reports of your worship leading.  We are launching new teaching in the next week or so, and you can get your hands on this for free, so listen to today’s pod and truly learn how to cope with Criticism of Your Worship Leading

217- Fear in Worship Leading

This pod is about fear in worship leading…

What do you fear when it comes to your worship leading?

Now, some of you might think you are fearless, but I have been leading worship for years, in front of some pretty big crowds, and I can tell you that whether there is 10 or 10,000 people out there, I still sense some fear when it comes to worship leading.

If you experience fear, this is not lack of faith or a failure on your part.  The team discusses how this is normal, and can in fact be an encouragement to your faith, and the chance to really trust the Lord rather than yourself and your abilities.

Your fear in worship keeps you humble, and relying totally on God when you worship lead!

We all fear something, maybe that the songs do not flow, or the people seem disinterested or even something as simple as breaking a string or going flat on a high note.  In this revealing pod, the team open up and reveal their secret fears, just for you…

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Happy new year, and we are praying for your prospering in 2016 in your worship ministry!

By prospering in 2016, we are talking about how you can make 2016 the best year ever as far as your ministry is concerned, and this podcast team go through ideas and strategies on how you can improve and empower your worship leading during the course of this new year…

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Anyway, on with the prospering in 2016 podcast…

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I recently had someone approach me after church who was new to your church, with an interesting compliment about my worship leading.

I know my motivation for leading worship is not to receive compliments from people, but you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get excited when someone wanted to say something positive about your Ministry. So while I don’t fish for or seek a compliment about my worship leading, this interesting compliment was one that made me stop and think.

And that is what I want to pass on to worship leaders around the world… This simple compliment once again cause me to refocus what I’m doing in my worship leading, and hopefully hit the mark when it comes to leading people closer to the presence of God.

She simply said that she loved every single song that I did when leading worship. She was referring to 4 weeks of many and varied songs, and I believe this is more important than just the fact that we have similar tastes in music.

What she mentioned was that many of the songs that I’m doing are slightly older, and therefore she related to them. As a new member of the church, she felt immediately welcomed when she heard and recognised songs that we were doing in worship. When someone comes to your church and only hears new songs off the latest CD, chances are they won’t know any of them, and the effect on a new person in your congregation is immediate and dramatic.

When you sit through a worship time but cannot relate to or recognise any of the songs, your first thought is, “I don’t belong here.” What made this lady feel at home, and what has made her stay on in our church community, is the fact that she knew and related to many of the songs that I’d chosen when I was leading worship.

Are these the songs that I like? Well, some of them are, but some of them are not. I don’t choose the songs I’m doing in worship just because I like them, I choose them because I feel that people can relate to them and can genuinely worship God in and around those songs. At the end of the day, it’s not whether I like the material, it’s whether people can relate to it, worship the Lord to it and lose themselves in His presence.

So I would encourage you, worship leaders, if you want to be powerful and anointed at what you do, choose your songs carefully. This little compliment about my worship leading has caused me to refocus on the songs that I choose, and why I choose them. I’m not saying you need to do lots of old songs, because many churches are doing more modern material, but what I am saying is that you need to choose songs that people can relate to and love. Very often these will not be the latest and greatest songs, but they will be songs that have become classics through the years. Don’t just churn them out the way you use to 5 years ago, give them a new and modern twist and that way you can sound modern but still be doing songs that people know and love.

So while you’re not fishing for compliments, and either am I, you do want to do material that is accepting and welcoming for people who are new in your congregation. After all, saying I’ve taught a song well or sounded great means very little to me. The ultimate compliment about my worship leading is that I’ve lead people into the presence of God, and I’m prepared to do any song that will draw people closer to God’s presence!

I’m all up for making worship leading easier, and technology can help to do this.

It can also make your life more miserable!  Technology is absolutely a double edged sword, so today we take a look at what technologies are available and how you can use them in your worship for good, not for evil!

So whether it is sound, lights, instruments or microphones, technology seems to just roll on, and if you discover how to use it effectively, it can make worship leading easier and even more enjoyable.

This is not to say that technology makes your worship leading more anointed, or in any way replaces the Holy Spirit, it’s just fun and it can make life easier, so you can concentrate on the Holy Spirit and His leading in worship more.

Make Worship Leading Easier by Embracing Technology, no Fighting it!

It’s all here and happening on this week’s pod.  Trust me, if you lead worship anywhere, any time, this is a podcast you are going to want to hear…

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Learning what to say and not say, and learning how much talking in worship leading is the right amount… This is a lot more important than you think, but it is one of the most often criticised areas of a worship leader’s style, so it is definitely something we need to learn about!

Some worship leaders want to preach, and some say very little, preferring to let God move on His own.

So how much talking is too much talking, and what should you be talking about in your praise and worship leading? Should you share a verse, or an experience?  Should you lead in prayer, and if so, what about and how long should it be?

Your pastor and your congregation really, really want you to listen to his podcast, and get it right!  Trust me, this pod will save you a lot of heartache and cause you to think long and hard about what you are saying, how you are saying it, and how long it is taking you to say what’s on year heart when you lead in worship.  It’s all here, so

Find out how much talking in worship leading you need in this exciting podcast…

Worship leading for all ages in an ongoing concern for any worship leader, leading worship in any church anywhere.

While some churches aim at specific age groups, youth, kids, the elderly, etc., most churches have a huge range of ages involved in the services, and as such worship leaders need to choose and lead worship songs that have broad appeal.

That’s what this podcast is all about, so if your church is normal, you really need to hear this.  In fact, if you have a broad range of ages in your church, you need to be very careful and prayerful about what songs you choose and how you sing them.  Nothing offends quite as much as worship leaders trying to shove youth songs down old people’s throats, for example!

So check this out and make sure that you can lead worship not just for the young, not just for the old, not even for the middle aged, but you and be sure you are Worship leading for all ages…

Does great worship leading need a great performance?

Well, it certainly helps, but being able to lead awesome worship is way beyond your performance level, as we will discuss in this worship leader podcast.

Now let me explain myself here, we are not saying you should be bad at singing or playing, and that somehow this will bizarrely improve your worship leading, but what we are suggesting is that, no mater how good you might sing or play, it is the Holy Spirit that truly leads people in true worship, not your performing abilities.

So, dear worship leader, this is no to say that you don’t need to learn he fine arts of playing or singing, bu it is to say that, no matter how good you get, or think you get, great worship leading is never going to be about your abilities, because you are not a song leader only, you are not a performers only, you are those things and more…

You are an anointed worship leader!

Go forth and do your thing in His strength, because great worship leading is more than great performance!


Learning new songs is a part of worship leading, but today the pod team discusses how you to learn new songs properly, so your team get it, your congregation love it and you see genuine worship, even with these new songs (and yes, it is possible if you do it right!).

If you are teaching new songs to your people, you might find quite a bit of resistance, especially among the older ones.  OK, sometimes it is the type of songs you are choosing, and the sheer numbers you are introducing, but sometimes it is the way you are introducing them.

We have discovered that, after years of working with new and old songs, new and old congregations, that there are ways you can introduce new material where people love it so much, they forget that they are being “forced” to learn new songs and just embrace them.

Who wouldn’t want that for their congregation?

So, don’t just go throwing new songs at people and expecting them to like it!  Listen to today’s podcast and be wise and smart about how to learn new songs in your church…

Learn How to Learn New Songs the Right Way!



What is it about the lyrics of worship songs?

Some of them are awesome, some are not so good, but like it or not we are singing these, and leading others to sing these. So the pod team asks the question, “What are we singing about?“, and this makes a really special worship leader podcast where you will stop and look at the lyrics you are singing, and make sure that your people are blessed as you lead worship.

I mean, the truth most often is that we sing things without really listening to what we are singing, or taking it in properly… we often like a song because the tune is good, and completely overlook the words.

Growing up as a Beatles fan, I was always more inclined towards Paul McCartney, who was himself more inclined towards the tunes of the songs rather than the deep lyrics of John Lennon.  Some people are just more one way than the other, right?

However, if we are going to be leading people to sing about someone as awesome and holy as God, we really need to get this right.  That’s what this podcast is all about… examining the lyrics and making sure that we are leading our congregations in the right way, and in the right truths!

So settle back and listen to this pod about the lyrics of worship songs, then make your own decisions about what you want your people to be singing…