Does your worship leading reflect your life, or is who the congregation see on stage a different person to the real you?

Does Worship Leading Reflect Your Life

We are worship leaders, and hence we are leaders in the church.  But does worship leading reflect your life, or are you faking it on stage, hiding your true walf with the Lord behind your talent, your ability or the music you lead.

This could be a highly challenging podcast, but absolutely worth it because we look at transferring an on fire personal walk with God onto the stage and supercharging your worship leading. Have a listen and get inspired!

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Worship Leading Techniques are important if you are going to lead effective praise and worship.  Like it or not, you will use a variety of worship leading techniques that you have learned along the way and these will most often add to your abilities rather than provide a refined yet less than inspire performance.

Why We Avoid Learning Worship Leading Techniques

Worship Leading Techniques in churchAs leaders of worship many of us are hesitant about obtaining training because we fear that the worship leading techniques we learn will detract rather than add to our overall ministry for the Lord.  In fact, the opposite is true!  Learning the right worship leading techniques actually allows us to explode into a realm of freedom in the Spirit because we can concentrate on Him as we minister rather than on the basic music and singing disciplines.

It’s a bit like driving a car.  When you first started there was so much to learn that you wondered if you would ever be able to drive, but once you learned the basic techniques and were able to do them on autopilot, you can then drive a car, talk to a friend, listen to the radio and sometimes text (illegally) all at once.

So learning worship leading techniques is better for your power, flow and anointing when you are leading worship!

The Top 5 Worship Leading Techniques

With this in mind here are my Top 5 worship leading techniques that you can apply quickly and effectively, starting this Sunday!

Avoiding excessive talking:  This includes praying, anecdotes and calls for people to do things like stand, kneel or raise hands.  You will be more effective if you let God deal with this rather than filling every gap with your own voice (John 3:30)

Choose songs people know:  A classic mistake is choosing songs you like and teaching people new songs constantly.  Throw in a few songs they don’t know and watch people relax and enjoy worship.

Flow songs together:  Flowing songs together is one of the best worship leading techniques I know, making the worship time a continuum rather than a stop-start affair.  This gives people a smooth experience and allows the Lord to move in their hearts.

Go up keys:  Raising the key of a song part way through is another one of my favourite worship leading techniques.  Going up a key makes everyone stretch a little more and can lift a worship meeting very effectively.

Voices Only:  Stopping instruments and using vocals alone is another brilliant idea!  If done well this can have a huge impact on the entire praise and worship service.

Learn More Worship Leading Techniques

For more information on these and other worship leading techniques please feel free to check out the rest of the website.  We have great training where you can learn loads of worship leading techniques like these easily be able to use them, starting this Sunday!