286- Compared to What?

compared to

As worship leaders, we are often compared to others, both within our church or on You Tube, and if others are not comparing us, then we do it to ourselves.

So Erick and I thought we would do a podcast on comparisons, and ask what or who are you compared to?

As a Worship Leader, You’re Compared to What?

The thing is when we compare ourselves to someone else, it is a lose, lose situation… always.  If the person we are being judged with is better than us, we get depressed and feel like giving up (“I’ll never be as good as him/her!”)  If the person we are being compared to is worse than us, it feeds into our pride and makes us puffed up and haughty.  Like I said, it is a lose, lose situation, so anytime we are tempted to compare ourselves with others it is never going to end well!

But we cannot stop others comparing us with their favourite worship leader, can we?  Oh, they do it so much better than you, they sing that song with so much more conviction… it goes on and on, and once again, the end result is never going to be positive!

So how can you handle being compared to another worship leader, either by yourself or by someone else?  How can you respond, and how can you protect yourself from this most devasting and destructive pastime?

Today we take a frank, honest and sometimes painful look at comparisons and how we as worship leaders can rise above it all to become the worship leaders we are destined to be.  The unique, different, anointed worship leader, the one that doesn’t need comparisons but follows the Lord’s leading and serve with all his or her heart.  The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you

The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you, not to be compared to somebody else, but to be you, the best you that you can possibly be.  Have a listen and tell us what you think…

264- How to Make Easter Services Special

easter services

Easter services are often overlooked by pastors, churches and worship leaders. Yet it is one of the most important and powerful weekends in the Christian calendar!

Use Easter Services for Outreach

You can use easter services for outreach into the community, and outreaching to believers as well.  Many people don’t come to church regularly yet make a special effort to make it to church on Easter Sunday or Good Friday.  Instead of treating your Easter services like any other service, you can use these to truly speak into the lives of people you would otherwise never see in your church!

And worship leaders are a big part of this process. You need to choose your songs very carefully, making sure that they reflect the heart of God and the wonderful sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Plus you also get the awesome chance to bless those of your congregation who may not be walking with the Lord.  When you choose songs that point to Jesus, and when your pastor preaches in the same way, many will be deeply touched and you have the chance to truly be used of God in blessing them.

Trust me there is no better time of the year than Easter to get your songs, presentation and worship absolutely right, and that’s what this exciting podcast is all about… Making your Easter services the very best they can be!

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Enhance your worship leading abilities today (perhaps even get your church to sponsor you… best investment they could ever make!).

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Worship Leaders in 2017

worship leaders in 2017

I thought I would write a few words for worship leaders in 2017.  In my quiet time this morning I was thinking about the year ahead and how I could make 2017 the best year ever for worship leaders all around the world, starting from New Years Day and lasting the entire year!


I read about Paul bidding the Ephesian elders farewell, and read…


Acts 20:19

serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and with trials that happened to me through the plots of the Jews.


Paul had been through so much in his struggles to bring the gospel to both Jew and Gentile. Throughout all of this he recognised that he had to choose to nourish his own heart by the living word, rather than concentrate on the difficult circumstances he faced.

The Challenge for Worship Leaders in 2017

As we face a new year, we should stop and think about how much it would affect the world if those of us who are worship leaders would constantly remember that we can’t serve our congregations unless we die to ourselves with Christ.


If we understand worship as a sacrifice of praise as to the Lord, rather than something we do, then dying to ourselves will give added impetus and energy to our worship leading, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to touch the lives of people who are listening.


As a worship leader, we should recognise that wherever we go in our life we are worshipping, and that every step we take in any area of our life since is walking sacred ground. We do not simply sing songs, but we lead people to a deeper knowledge of Christ.


Worship leaders in 2017 play an important part in God’s whole mission to the world throughout the year, and if we die to self we can become immune from all of the phrases, prejudices and jealousies that usually play singers and musicians, both inside and outside of the church.


Dying to self can allow us to be the perfect conduit for the move of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives, and we can give the gift of God’s presence in the fullness of his kingdom to each member of our congregation. For this reason we should also practice and train so that we can be effective in the role God has called us to.


So this new year, as we head into 2017, why not pause for a few moments with me and dedicate your life afresh to the Lord and the ministry that he has called us to. Let us decide together to crucify ourselves with Christ, and to become a new creation whose sole motivation is to serve Jesus in any and every aspect of our lives, both on the stage and off.

If we can truly dedicate ourselves to the Lord in this way, then 2017 can be the greatest year ever for a worship leading. If we can truly die to ourselves, die to our selfish motivations and petty jealousies and open our hearts to the move of God’s spirit, then His anointing will increase in our lives.


So rather than letting the New Year evolving its own way, I challenge all worship leaders in 2017 to examine themselves, crucify themselves and rededicate themselves wholly to the service of the Lord, and to the Ministry of worship leading that He has called us to.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we will be back on deck with more podcasts, craziness and fun, as well as heaps of free teaching, in the New Year.  See you then folks, and let’s make 2017 the best year ever!

241- Leading Worship with Multiple Worship Leaders

worship leaders

Worship leaders, here’s some excellent teaching about how you can spice up your worship leading by using multiple worship leaders.

The Challenge of Multiple Worship Leaders!

In today’s pod, we discuss the advantage, disadvantages and how to set up a scenario whereby you have not one single leader but several leaders, and how you can interact and share the load.

This is a great way for you to add value to your worship leading, using the skills that your fellow worship band and team mates bring to the table.  I mean, who says that worship leaders have to lead everything from the front, especially when you have people on your team who can not only lead worship well, but add some variation and excitement to the whole process.  Somewhere along the line we have lost the concept of a team and instead elevated ourselves to a position where it is all about us and our skills.

Worship Leaders Inspire, Elevate and Encourage

Leadership is not about doing everything yourself.  The best leaders bring the best out of the people around them, and in the praise and worship ministry, his should mean developing the skills and talents of those who serve with you, or under you.  Having multiple worship leaders is a great way of encouraging others, developing others and also providing a new and interesting experience for your congregation.

It also helps take much of the burden from your shoulders, and is especially useful if you are struggling with a sore throat or restricted vocal range.  And the cool thing is that as you release others, you yourself will be blessed in the worship that you lead.  It’s a win-win situation, and we talk all about it on today’s worship leader podcast.

SO open your heart, open your mind and listen with a view to taking action and developing multiple worship leaders.

231- Surviving Pressure from a Pastor

pressure from a pastor

This is a controversial podcast, dealing with how you can survive pressure from a pastor as a worship leader.

Now, we all love and respect our pastors, but some of them apply a lot of pressure to those serving in their church, especially worship leaders.

Worship is a big part of a church service, and pastors really want it to be right.  Sometimes they may upset you by seeming particularly demanding, but for the most part they have good intentions at heart.  Your role as the worship leader is not to become a doormat or a punching bag for a service that has not gone well, but you are responsible for serving your pastor, the people and the Lord as you lead worship in church.

Pressure from a pastor is no fun!

Being on the receiving end of pressure from a pastor is never going to be fun, but hey, it’s part of the territory some times.  This podcast will teach you how to handle it properly, in a godly way, and how to act now to not only bless your pastor and the church, but operate as a trusted member of the service team.

So listen to this podcast and learn how to not only survive the pressure from a pastor, but to give him and the church the worship they want in this very special podcast.

204- Cocky Worship Leaders… And How Not to Become One!

Cocky Worship Leaders

Being a worship leader is an incredible privilege, but sometimes we can become cocky or overconfident in ourselves and our abilities, rather than relying on God.

Let’s be honest, we all struggle with pride at some time or other, and for some of us this can become a real stumbling block to not only seeing God move in our worship leading, but also seeing God move in our lives!  In Aussie vernacular, we call someone who is prideful cocky, and we also recognise that pride often comes before a fall!  (Proverbs 16:18).

So this podcast is all about not letting that happen to you!  Cocky Worship Leaders have no place in church guys!

Our cockiness can come out in all sorts of ways, from how we lead to how we speak to our team, and how we listen to and obey our spiritual oversight.  This is a revealing and open discussion, not to be missed by any who want to truly serve and honour God in their worship leading.

This podcast looks at what it is to be a cocky worship leader, and how we can avoid becoming one and rely more on the Holy Spirit to direct our worship, and our lives!  Listen and pray and make sure your heart is right before God!

203- When to Leave a Church Part 2

when to leave a church

I’m sure that the debate will continue out there as worship leaders discuss when to leave a church. Please bear in mind, we are not advocating that you leave your church, but there are certainly times when it is the right and noble thing to do.

If you are wondering when to leave a church, think carefully!

Leaving a church is a major thing, especially if you are an integral part of the worship team, so please listen to this important podcast carefully and above all prayerfully…

Worship Leading As Unto the Lord

praise and worship leading

praise and worship leadingWhen you are leading worship, are you doing it for yourself or as unto the Lord?

It’s easy to say you were doing things only for the Lord, but the reality is many of us have hidden agendas behind what we are doing, even when we are leading worship in church.

Worship leading for an audience of one

Leading worship is one of the greatest privileges in the church today, but many times we miss out on the blessing of pure servant based worship because it comes to us disguised as hard work.

However, when you make a conscious decision to do everything “as unto the Lord”, you start to obtain a different perspective when it comes to the role that you off fulfilling in the church.

As we have said many times on this praise and worship leader website, leading worship is not about singing a selection of songs in a given order but rather it’s about leading people on a journey from wherever they are right through to the throne of God.

The fact is, your true motivation needs to be one of total service for the Lord rather than promoting yourself, your taste in music or any other hidden agenda that might cloud your vision.

The fact is that the Lord can look right through whatever we present to people to our heart. This means that if we are offering something that is motivated by our own selfish desires, opinions or preferences, the Lord is not fall for a moment and can see right through to our true motivation.

But how can you lead worship with a pure heart as unto the Lord alone?

The first step is to make sure that you are spending time with the Lord each and every day. It is not enough to pray only on Sunday before you lead worship, but worship should be a reflection of your daily walk with the Lord. If you are not spending time every day with the Lord in devotions, then your effectiveness as a Ministry will be reduced, and the purity of your motives be brought into question

However, even if you are spending time in a quiet times during the week, it is still tempting to use your skills, abilities and talents to promote yourself or your own agenda will stop in fact, musicians and singers are amongst the worst people in the world for self-promotion!

You only need to attend a Christian music festival, or hang out at a Christian battle of the bands to see pride, arrogance and self-promotion right before your eyes.

As worship leaders, I do not believe we should ever pursue self-promotion. Unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain (Psalm 127:1), so if we try and promote ourselves all the time, we are building something our Ministry in vain.

While many praise and worship leaders don’t promote themselves actively, they still promote their preferences and musical tastes ahead of the members of the congregation. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a praise and worship leader doing songs that they have chosen which the congregation simply have no interest in. It’s not only ridiculous, but it is the height of arrogance to pursue the songs we like at the expense of being servants.

Many praise and worship leaders also use their skills and talents as a means of intimidating and controlling other members of their team. Perhaps the true measure of a servants heart in worship leader is how they react when a more talented person joins their team.

How do you react when someone who is more talented than you is on your worship team? Do you embrace them, build them up and allow them to become everything they can be for the Lord, or do you put them in their place and make them do things your way because you’re the boss?

No, worship leaders, if we truly are servants and if we truly are leading worship as unto the Lord, we need to put the Lord first and worship to the audience of one rather than fulfill our own selfish desires and preferences. Also, we need to serve our congregations, doing songs that they prefer rather than the ones we prefer, making sure we lead them in true and righteous worship, rather than teach them a bunch of new songs that we like.

Leading praise and worship in church is one of the most incredible privileges I have in my life, and I’m sure it is the same for you. However, we must be certain that we do not abuse the privilege but rather see it as an opportunity to serve bless others, because the only way to lead through praise and worship is as unto the Lord.


150- How to Lead Bad Worship

lead bad worship

lead bad worshipOK, I know it sounds like a crazy topic for a worship leader podcast, but learning how to lead bad worship and what makes worship leading really bad can be a stepping stone to learning how to lead worship which is great and awesome!

So it’s about time you learned how to lead bad worship, right?

In this pod we will actually teach you what you can do to really mess up your worship leading and make it terrible… super terrible!  It will be a lot of fun, it will also make a lot of sense and the end result is you will see phenomenal results in your worship leading and avoid some of the classic pitfalls that so many worship leaders face, and fall victim to!

So settle back and listen to this amazing and incredibly fun pod, and learn how to lead bad worship… then do the opposite, right!

Plus, if you really want to avoid discovering how to lead bad worship, then check out out exclusive video on the Top 10 Mistakes Worship leaders Make… it is definitely worth a look, and in a few minutes you could improve your worship leading and avoid potential embarrassment (and we all want to do that!)

Worship Leader Podcast 120- Female Worship Leaders Special

female worship leadersIf you are a lady and lead worship in your church, this is the female worship leaders special just for you! In addition, if you are a man and you have to deal with ladies in your church, this is also a great pod to listen to.  Most of you men know that the ladies are notoriously hard to understand, so it would be a brave man to promise that you could learn everything about female worship leaders out of one podcast!

But being a woman leading worship carries with it its own specific challenges and responsibilities.  This worship leader podcast investigates everything from the pitching of songs through to how you relate to other members of the team as a woman. Therefore it is instructive both men and women, and we have invited Erick’s daughter onto the POD is a special guest.

Don’t miss this fun and informative show, especially if you are a woman and involved with the worship leading in your church. This is a female worship leaders special pod just for you…


Oh and I should add female worship leaders, us guys love you!  And we want to see you blossom into all you can be in the Lord.  Don’t we guys?

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