148- Are You a Christian Doormat?

Christian Doormat

Christian DoormatBeing a worship leader, you probably want to serve the Lord, your church and your praise and worship team.  But sometimes, indeed many times, we can become Christian doormats, and our eagerness to serve others results in them taking advantage of us and our abilities and walking all over us!  This can happen in any church, and even well meaning pastors and leaders or dedicated worship team members can hurt us or take advantage of us.

The question is, where do you draw the line and stop becoming a Christian Doormat?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be walked over or even abused just because you have a servant heart!  This special podcast looks at where you can draw the line and how you can be a wonderful servant, anointed praise and worship leader but NOT a Christian Doormat!

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144- Using Culture in Worship

144- Using Culture in Worship

didgeridoo photo

We discuss whether we can use culture in worship and whether cultural instruments are evil, or good, and we also look at ways you can incorporate them into your church worship.

This worship leader podcast even reveals how you can learn to play the didgeridoo!

I’m not kidding, Adrian shows us exactly how to play this super-cool cultural instrument, the first time on a podcast!  Check it all out now…



Photo by loloieg 144- Using Culture in Worship

141- Keeping Worship Real

Worship Real

Worship RealThis worship leader podcast might slay a few Holy Cows!  I could not tell you the number of times I have seen worship leaders “faking” deep, anointed worship, and in fairness it is usually that they want God to move so badly they try and “whip it up.”  But how can we fake something that is real, tangible and life-changing and still expect the Lord to transform our worship?

This Worship Leader Podcast is About Things You Can do Which Will Help You in Keeping Worship Real!

It starts in your own quiet place with God, and from there you can safeguard the integrity of what you do, while still expecting the Lord to move powerfully on your congregation.  Why fake something so precious and special, and if you have really experienced the Holy Spirit leading your people, how can we try and make it happen and fake it ’til we make it?

This might be a controversial podcast, but I believe that every worship leader needs to listen to this with an open mind, and commit themselves to listening to and following the Lord Himself, not expectations, our own desires, accolades or anything else.  This may not apply to you, but the least you can do is listen with an open heart and ask God if what you are doing pleases Him.

Are you keeping worship real, or faking it until you make it?

Photo by SimpleSkye 141- Keeping Worship Real

139- Dealing with Stage Fright

139- Dealing with Stage Fright

stage fright photoStage fright is a fact of life for a public performer or ministry.  I reckon it actually sharpens what I am doing, but for some people it is a nightmare, so this worship leader podcast is about dealing with stage fright.  And here’s the good news… getting stage fright is not weird or unique to you, we are all in it together!

Stage fright is something we all must face at some time, but it doesn’t always depend on the size of the audience.  In fact, I often get more nervous with a small crowd than in a huge stadium, so go figure that one out!  It depends sometimes on who is in the audience, and it especially depends on how confident you are doing what you’re doing.

As a seasoned performer, I always experience stage fright EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk onto the stage, in a church, a hall, a stadium or even someone’s lounge room, so here is a special pod on how to deal and even harness it to improve your presentation, performance and of course, your ministry.

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[vimeo theater]87435818[/vimeo]

See you next time guys, and keep on worshiping Jesus and growing in your ministry!



Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

137- The Heart of Worship

137- The Heart of Worship

Heart of worshipThis worship leader podcast is about coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about Jesus!  You would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about the performance, or it’s all about the band at times, but in this pod we want to concentrate on the things that really matter, and worship is always going to be about the Lord Himself!

Worship leading needs to be about Christ, we all know that.  But how do you ensure that He is central to what you are doing?  I am not suggesting that your heart is not to serve the Lord, but all of us need to be reminded that, with all the emphasis on excellence, playing right, flowing in worship, creating an atmosphere, the heart of worship is till the most important thing.

So grab a coffee, kick back and relax and enjoy a very special worship leader podcast…

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135- What People Really Want

Peaople really want this

Peaople really want thisAs worship leaders we should always ask ourselves what people really want.  The Spice Girls famously sang, “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want,” and this is pretty much the attitude of most members of your congregation… except that they don’t always know what it is that they want!

So in this pod, we ask the question what do people really want?

Do they want entertainment?  Do they want deep worship?  Do they want new songs?  Do they want joke and a fun atmosphere?  How will you know what they want until you ask the question?

Many worship leaders decide what they think people want and then do it, but we reckon if you are truly a servant, and you serve the Lord, the Pastor and the congregation before your own needs and desires, then you need to find out what your congregation wants, and move to meet that need.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… Discovering what people really want (What they really, really want!)


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134- Worship Leader Rock Stars

Rock Star Worship leader

Rock Star Worship leaderWe have all seen worship leader rock stars, and maybe we have ventured down that road ourselves!  This worship leader podcast is about whether you can be a rock star and a worship leader, which we might as well frame as the question, “Can you be a rock star and a servant at the same time!


Seems that there is a type of personality that loves to be loved on the stage, but there is a not so fine line between being a star and being a servant.  You can tell worship leader rock stars by the way they walk, the way they talk, their dress, their swagger and the style with which they lead.  Most often there is an arrogance which is entirely removed from the humble servant, and that is one of the issues we discuss this week on the worship leader podcast!


So sit back, grab a nice cup of tea and relax while the team challenges and entertains you, and maybe even make you laugh a little… we might even see an old friend popping in, so click below and join in the fun…



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Worship Devotions- Eternity in Men’s Hearts

Arthur Stace and Eternity

Arthur Stace and EternityEcclesiastes 3:11

 God has set eternity in the hearts of men…

This passage says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of men, and this is certainly true in our modern age.  With all our technology, with advances in health, communication and the collapse of marriage relationships, with wars and rumours of wars, terrorism and financial crises, somewhere hidden deep in the hearts of most people are thoughts about eternity.

Arthur Stace was a simple, humble man who had been an alcoholic most of his life.  He came the Christ and wondered what he could possibly do to serve the King of Kings.  He had little talent, no great achievements, was illiterate and not much going for him.  But he had a piece of chalk, and so he started writing the word “Eternity” in flowing, copperplate script on the sidewalks of Sydney in Australia.  No one knew who this mysterious “Mr Eternity” was.

He was nearly arrested 24 times for defacing Council property, but he said he was obeying a higher source, and kept writing this single word an estimated 500,000 times across a 35 year period. He died at age 83, not really sure if he had done anything substantial for the Lord he loved.

Yet thousands came to Christ after seeing this word on the pavement.  My own father once saw it, and wondered what it was all about.  This single word stimulated something in the psychology of Sydneysiders and visitors, and led many to seek our churches and give their lives to Christ.  One single word, that God has written in the hearts of men, and the effect was so great that is was written across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in fireworks at the culmination of the millennium New Year celebrations, seen around the world.

One word from God, and a faithful heart!  That’s all the Lord needs.  Are you faithful enough to serve, even without recognition? Are you faithful enough to stay the course across years as you serve your Saviour?  You don’t need to preach a sermon when you lead worship, you need but one word from God and a willing heart!

131- Using Technology in Worship Leading

Wow worship CD

Nusic technologyWe all love high tech things, but how can you properly use technology in worship leading.  There is sound, lights and projection of words to consider, and this worship leader podcast involves a frank and open discussion of technology in worship leading, and how you can make the best of it, and avoid the inevitable disasters!

And believe me, the more the technology, the more the chances of having said disasters, right in the middle of your worship!  From power brownouts to broken string, we are always at risk from technology.  Nevertheless, we have to embrace modern technology to keep our churches up to date and relevant to our cultures, so this could be a very timely pod indeed!

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Wow worship CD

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Worship Leading or Worship Driving?

Worship Leading not driving

Worship Leading not drivingWhen it comes to worship leading, we all want to do a great job leading an inspiring our congregations into deep worship experience. However, some congregations are a lot more difficult than others to lead, and so many zealous worship leaders find themselves driving their people rather than leading them!

Signs of Driving Your Audience

One of the key signs that you are driving an audience rather than leading them involves you as a worship leader carefully observing the people you are ministering to. You need to know that your congregation is with you every step of the way when you are worship leading, and one of the classic worship leading mistakes occurs when the band and singers are lost in worship, but the congregation is simply standing there looking at them.

As a general rule, if people are looking at their watches or checking their cell phones you have lost your audience. You are no longer leading them but attempting to drive them into worship, and they clearly don’t want to be there!

Another sure sign of driving your audience or driving them occurs when you are constantly imploring them to greater heights of worship. It is okay to verbally encourage them from time to time, but when this is a constant thing you would do well to stop, look at yourself and what you are doing, and ask if you are actually leading them!

Signs of Leading Your Congregation

Successful praise and worship leading is not about whether you worship, but whether your congregation follows you into worship. A sure sign that you are leading your people successfully is when you can see the majority of the audience lost in worship, with their eyes closed, hands raised and maybe even a smile on their faces.

Another sign that you are leading your congregation occurs when open worship explodes spontaneously from the Somme you are single, rather than being forced or concocted by the worship leader. When you sense God’s power and anointing taking control of the meeting, you can be sure that you are worship leading rather than driving.

So how can you lead rather than drive your audience every week?

One of the best things you can do is to get some good worship leader training, because the more training you have the more skilled you will be at directing and leading an audience deeper into the presence of God. Another thing you can do is to spend more time with the Lord, because your worship leading ability will be directly dependent on the vitality of your personal relationship with God.

And if you find yourself driving your audience, and all of us do from time to time, this is the time to step back and let God take over. Trusting His leading can change the situation where you are driving people into worship they don’t want to be a part of into authentic, powerful and life changing worship leading.