184- The Sin of Self Promotion

self promotion

self promotionThis week’s praise and worship leader podcast deals with a very touchy subject… The sin of self-promotion.

Now, being worship leaders, musicians and singers, none of us is immune from blowing our own trumpet and promoting ourselves, our talents and abilities. I am not accusing anybody, but I’m thinking also of myself, because part of the ability to perform and present well involves some degree of promoting your skills and abilities.

However if we want to become great in God’s kingdom we need to learn to be the servants of all, and this applies to praise and worship leaders is much as it applies to anybody.

So today’s podcast deals specifically with the times when promoting yourself goes beyond confidence and enters into the realm of sin. It is very revealing, completely honest and definitely something each and every praise and worship leader needs to listen to and think about.

In this praise and worship leader podcast we will also reveal the surefire way you can have real success and grow your Ministry without promoting yourself (and yes, this is actually possible!).

This information about growing your ministry is absolutely reliable, and I know because I have personally done this and seen my ministry explode on an international level, so if you want to know how to grow your Ministry within your own church, or even in a greater sphere than that, you really need to click below and listen to this entire podcast…

And don’t forget, no matter who you are and what level of worship leading you are involved in, training will be a huge asset to you.

181- Preparation for Worship Leading

preparation for worship leading

preparation for worship leadingOK worship leaders, you probably know that preparation for worship leading is essential, but what is it, how do you do it effectively and how does it help?

All will be revealed in this very special worship leader podcast, because the team are going to open their closets and let you see inside exactly how they prepare for worship leading.

Can you prepare your heart to lead worship?  What songs do you choose? What keys should they be in? How can you train your team to follow you, even if you deviate from the initial preparation?

Trust me, worship leaders, preparing to lead worship is not just picking a few songs and bellowing them out.  It is an intricate journey with the Lord, day by day,journeying to the end result of being able to lead the people of God in praise and worship that blows their fuses!

So settle back and get ready to prepare and plan the best worship you have ever lead in church… Just click below and start learning all the ins and outs of preparation for worship leading!

179- Enjoying Worship Practices (Yes, It Is Possible!)

179- Enjoying Worship Practices (Yes, It Is Possible!)

Enjoy worship practices (FILEminimizer)I know that for many of you the possibility of enjoying worship practices seems like a lost cause, but practices can be among the most productive times that you spend with your praise and worship team, and that’s what this worship leader podcast is all about.

Enjoying Worship Practices is Possible

Most of the practices that I’ve been to in my life have been long, boring and dull, and it’s especially so for singers who sit to the side while musicians go over and over things to try and get them right!

But when I lead practices they tend to be fun, a little bit crazy and, most of all, incredibly productive. I see practices is the opportunity to invest in your team, spend time with people who want to learn and want to grow in their craft, and also build a tremendous team spirit so that you can work together on projects and see them through to completion.

And that’s an aspect of leadership that we often overlook! We think that leading worship is standing in front of people singing, when the fact is that we need to lead our team, inspire them and develop their skills to the point that they are becoming more and more powerful and gifted at their task.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and enjoy this week’s praise and worship leader podcast, and see if you can apply some of this stuff to make your practices really enjoyable. A little bit of effort will go a long way, and you will find that you will win over your worship team, decrease the tension in the air that is often present during practice and produce a better product on the weekend, helping more people worship deeply because you are in unity before the throne of God (or at least, you should be).

So if you are genuinely interested in producing world-class praise and worship, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to relaunch praiseandworshipleader.com
in a brand-new fashion with more information, better training and a whole heap more fun.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks or months and get ready for the greatest worship leader training experience of your life, right here on praiseandworshipleader.com.



177- Dealing with an Unhappy Worship Team

unhappy team

unhappy teamIf you are a worship leader, chances are you have to at some stage deal with an unhappy worship team.  At very least, you will have somebody in your team who is unhappy with you and the way you are leading, and this incredible worship leader podcast is about how you can not only cope with them, but turn them into your greatest fans, and your best helpers!

Managing your worship team is a huge and often overlooked part of worship leading.  You might think praise and worship leading is all about singing… well, sorry to disappoint, you also need to actually lead your team.  And I have very often seen worship leaders do very badly on he team leading side of things, either showing no leadership at all, or being so heavy handed and controlling that they get their entire team offside, and have a miserable worship team!

So don’t settle for being a poor leader, become all that you can be in the Lord as a leader of your team, and listen to this podcast to discover how to turn the whining, complaining, potentially divisive people into your best asset, and a source of real unity.

All is revealed in this worship leader podcast…

I Love Hymns: The Old and the Beautiful

I Love Hymns

I Love HymnsRemember that TV show The Bold and the Beautiful?  I never actually watched it, finding neither bold nor beautiful, but the phrase stuck in my mind, and gives rise to today’s post.  I Love Hymns, but they can be both old and beautiful, or they can be old and stuffy, boring and put everyone to sleep!

I have recently produced an album of hymns, and they are going CRAZY out there.  I have prepared a special presentation, that Erick and I will be sharing in various churches around our area, but I have done this presentation 3 times already in 2 countries, and have been amazed by the response.  Without even preaching I have seen people crying, worshiping, on their knees and blown away by songs which are hundreds of years old!!!

Why I LOVE Hymns!

OK, true confessions… I LOVE Hymns! Hymns are great. They are majestic, and many contain more theology than the average sermon these days. Old folk love them, conservative folk love them, but many younger ones have thrown them out along with everything before 2000. Gee, they even think the Beatles are uncool (such ignorance!).

Somewhere in the middle cries the voice of reason. Now granted, some hymns are funeral marches, long, slow, boring and brain-numbing. Some contain rubbish theology and some are just plain irrelevant in both use of language and subject matter. Some are practically unsingable, except to 13th century monks! However, in amongst these types of hymns are some of the greatest ever songs!

Now, if you are young, and don’t believe me, check a few of them out. Hymns like, “And Can It Be,” “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” and “How Great Thou Art” are awesome.

My preference, both personal and of my church, is that we sing at least one hymn every Sunday service. If you are creative and musical you can play it in such a way that it is exciting and awesome, and you can venture into the very presence of God using these old songs. On top of that, the old folk in the church will be thrilled. So you win either way. Trust me, guys; there are some great songs you cannot live without in the hymns section!

But if you are going to do a hymn, don’t make it into a funeral march! The older folks will love hymns done in a new and a fresh way, so pray and ask God for some innovative ideas to make the hymn into a modern masterpiece. Then watch God unite all ages as they worship Him using this old but new song!

Some hymns hat I loveI Love Hymns Because…

I love hymns because they are the best of the best. Now loving hymns doesn’t mean you hate modern songs (which is what many younger, modern worship leaders think), it means that you are open to both.  Accept modern stuff, sure, but don’t turn your back as many people do on the centuries of tradition and heritage that hymns represent!

They are, after all this time, the best of the best.  When a modern song is brought out, how do you know it is going to become a classic?  The answer is you don’t, and most modern songs are not even played after a few months or a year at most.  The only true way to discover if a song is going to become a classic is to wait ten years.  If it is still popular then, you have a classic on your hands.

But hymns have proven their popularity and stood the test of time.  Charles Wesley wrote 7,000 hymns, and Fanny Crosby write 9,000, but we only sing a few of them.  That’s because they are the best of the best, and that’s what you get with hymns… you know which ones are the classics because time is the great revealer.

I Love Hymns, But…

One word of caution, especially to the conservative evangelical denominations. There is a huge tendency to have the worship songs, with the modern beat and instruments, and then insert the token hymn for the oldies, doing this with only an organ or a piano, played in a traditional yet boring style. I strongly caution you against this, because this only promotes the “us verses them” scenario, the “your music verses our music” polarizing we see in churches.

The best way is to just roll from the worship into the hymn, seamlessly, and using a similar modern style.   The majority of older folk will appreciate the fact that you are including their song preference, and making it your own, and trying as hard to make it special as if it were your own style of song. Thus, you can use well played hymns to join hearts in worship, rather than having the separate song for the oldies.

So come on guys, don’t overlook the grand old hymns!  They might just be the surprise package of your worship leading, and they may just become the means to using worship music to  join your congregation together rather than music driving them apart.

Hymns are awesome, still relevant, still valid and have incredible, powerful lyrics.  And people LOVE them!  Why wouldn’t you use them to worship together?


169- The BIG Christmas Carols Special

Christmas Carols

Christmas CarolsChristmas comes but once a year, and so does out BIG Christmas special worship leader podcast!

That’s right, if you ever wanted to know anything about how to lead powerful worship in and around Christmas, we’ll tell you how to convert your annual Christmas carol service into an amazing and anointed worship time.  We look at carols, how to select them, what your aims are for the service, and how to reach out with God’s love to those who only darken he door of a church once a year.

Better still, learn to create an incredible community Christmas Carols event, and use the opportunity to reach your community with the love of God this Christmas

So for a very merry Christmas, check out the Christmas Carols Worship Leader Podcast special!

168- Odious Comparisons in Worship Leading

Comparisons in worship leading

Comparisons in worship leadingComparisons are a part of life, probably from when we are sill young kids (she walked at 9 months but he didn’t walk until 14 months!), but this worship leader podcast explores whether comparing yourself to others, either in your team or in other churches, is helpful.

Join the pod team as they discuss comparisons in worship leading, whether they are good or bad, helpful or not.

Thing is, if you compare yourself to others all the time, it is pretty much NEVER good.  If someone else is better then you at singing, playing or leading, you feel discouraged.  If you are better than someone else, you feel prideful.  Either way, we don’t believe that God is glorified in either of these!

So how you do face the inevitable comparisons, because even if you don’t do this, someone else will for sure, saying things like, “I think you’re a better worship leader than so and so.”

You cannot escape it, so this week the pod team discuss how you can deal with the odious comparisons that will follow you no matter what.  What is a godly response, and how can we protect ourselves from the damage and jealousy that this sort of behaviour inevitably causes?

Grab a cup of something nice, and an open mind, because this is a pivotal problem we all face so check out today’s worship leader podcast…

162- Worship, the Great Adventure

worship the great adventure

worship the great adventureWorship should be a great adventure, not a boring progression of songs. As worship leader, you have the divine right and joy to invite your people on a journey, from where ever they are at the start right into the throne room of God.  This is our great joy, and our incredible privilege, and that’s what  this worship leader podcast is all about.

This podcast is all about how you lead that great adventure.  Where do you start, how do you progress, where are you actually leading people, but this fun pod could be incredibly revolutionary for many worship leaders because it changes how you view your ministry.

So will it be worship, the great adventure or worship, the boring selection of mediocre songs that is the preliminary to the main act, which is the sermon.

If you decide to treat your worship leading like you are taking your congregation on an incredible adventure, not only will the sermon be more powerful, but you will be able to see people doing incredible business in their hears with the Lord. So, settle back, and let the Holy Spirit inspire you with this very special worship leader podcast…

153- Is ANYBODY Listening?

Anybody Listening Worship Leader Podcast

Anybody Listening Worship Leader PodcastThis praise and worship leader podcast deals with something so many of us worship leaders face, whether we are brand new or even experienced worship leaders… in fact, more than would admit it!

Who has ever been leading worship, looked out across the audience and asked themselves, “Is ANYBODY listening?”  Who has been on stage, giving their all and looked out only to see people checking their cell phones, chatting and laughing together or leaving ‘on masse’ to go to the bathroom?

If you have ever wondered “Is ANYBODY listening,” then this is a worship leader podcast you need to listen to!

The guys give good, honest (sometimes brutally honest) ideas and if you listen to this worship leader podcast, then when you ask, “Is anybody listening,” then the answer will be a resounding “YES!”

So grab a coffee or tea, and click below to listen to this great pod…

And don’t forget, you can get more super information and teaching by joining the University.  Click here to check it out now!

152- Ten Ways Worship Can Grow Your Church!

grow your church

grow your churchThis worship leader podcast is going to be awesome… we are looking at the Top 10 ways that worship can grow your church, and this pod is full of practical and inspiring ideas.

Whether you are worship director or just part of the team, the great news is that you can be part of growing your church, both in numbers and also by inspiring the ones you current have in church.  On the flip side, we will also teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of worship leading that can actually be detrimental to church growth.

Either way, if you want to know how worship can grow your church, this is the worship leader podcast you’ve been waiting for!

And we have loads more teaching coming up as well, including a special offer in the next few weeks that can set up your worship leading training for life!

It’s all happening here at Praise and Worship Leader, so enjoy your calling and become the worship leader God has destined you to be!