I recently had someone approach me after church who was new to your church, with an interesting compliment about my worship leading.

I know my motivation for leading worship is not to receive compliments from people, but you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get excited when someone wanted to say something positive about your Ministry. So while I don’t fish for or seek a compliment about my worship leading, this interesting compliment was one that made me stop and think.

And that is what I want to pass on to worship leaders around the world… This simple compliment once again cause me to refocus what I’m doing in my worship leading, and hopefully hit the mark when it comes to leading people closer to the presence of God.

She simply said that she loved every single song that I did when leading worship. She was referring to 4 weeks of many and varied songs, and I believe this is more important than just the fact that we have similar tastes in music.

What she mentioned was that many of the songs that I’m doing are slightly older, and therefore she related to them. As a new member of the church, she felt immediately welcomed when she heard and recognised songs that we were doing in worship. When someone comes to your church and only hears new songs off the latest CD, chances are they won’t know any of them, and the effect on a new person in your congregation is immediate and dramatic.

When you sit through a worship time but cannot relate to or recognise any of the songs, your first thought is, “I don’t belong here.” What made this lady feel at home, and what has made her stay on in our church community, is the fact that she knew and related to many of the songs that I’d chosen when I was leading worship.

Are these the songs that I like? Well, some of them are, but some of them are not. I don’t choose the songs I’m doing in worship just because I like them, I choose them because I feel that people can relate to them and can genuinely worship God in and around those songs. At the end of the day, it’s not whether I like the material, it’s whether people can relate to it, worship the Lord to it and lose themselves in His presence.

So I would encourage you, worship leaders, if you want to be powerful and anointed at what you do, choose your songs carefully. This little compliment about my worship leading has caused me to refocus on the songs that I choose, and why I choose them. I’m not saying you need to do lots of old songs, because many churches are doing more modern material, but what I am saying is that you need to choose songs that people can relate to and love. Very often these will not be the latest and greatest songs, but they will be songs that have become classics through the years. Don’t just churn them out the way you use to 5 years ago, give them a new and modern twist and that way you can sound modern but still be doing songs that people know and love.

So while you’re not fishing for compliments, and either am I, you do want to do material that is accepting and welcoming for people who are new in your congregation. After all, saying I’ve taught a song well or sounded great means very little to me. The ultimate compliment about my worship leading is that I’ve lead people into the presence of God, and I’m prepared to do any song that will draw people closer to God’s presence!

I’m all up for making worship leading easier, and technology can help to do this.

It can also make your life more miserable!  Technology is absolutely a double edged sword, so today we take a look at what technologies are available and how you can use them in your worship for good, not for evil!

So whether it is sound, lights, instruments or microphones, technology seems to just roll on, and if you discover how to use it effectively, it can make worship leading easier and even more enjoyable.

This is not to say that technology makes your worship leading more anointed, or in any way replaces the Holy Spirit, it’s just fun and it can make life easier, so you can concentrate on the Holy Spirit and His leading in worship more.

Make Worship Leading Easier by Embracing Technology, no Fighting it!

It’s all here and happening on this week’s pod.  Trust me, if you lead worship anywhere, any time, this is a podcast you are going to want to hear…

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We have looked at teams, but what does a healthy worship leader look like?

If you lead worship, this is a great guide to see how you are doing, how your attitude and life is doing, and it will help identify how you can get even better at leading worship..

So settle back, relax and spend some time with the craziest and funnest guys in the worship leading sphere, and do a quick check on your life and walk with God as you find out what a truly healthy worship leader looks like…


Ouch, abusive leadership is a hot topic!

Let’s face it, no one likes to be abused by their leadership, and this abuse can take a variety of forms.  It could be verbal, emotional or controlling, but any time you put people in leadership positions you have the potential to have abuse of that position.

Yet Jesus talked about servant leadership, the exact opposite of abusive leadership (Mark 10:45)

In today’s podcast,we talk about what abusive leadership looks like, and how to behave in a godly way whether you are on the receiving end, or the one being abusive to people in your team (we’re hope that’s not you, by the way!). If you have ever felt used and abused by your pastor or worship leader, this is a must listen to podcast!

Grab a cup of something nice and tune in to make sure you are not abusing your team, and to discover how you need to respond in a godly way to abusive leadership in pastors and other leaders…

Here’s a highly controversial topic for all worship leaders… when should you leave your church?

If you are leading worship, you might be frustrated, overlooked or even abused, but these are not green lights to leave a church.  What are the possible reasons for you not wanting to stay in the church, and when is it the right thing to actually leave?

I am expecting this to cause a little bit of controversy out there in worship leading land, because we will all have differing opinions.  However, the pod team take a serious, balanced and practical look at when you should leave your church o go to another church, and what the real reasons are behind such a move!

So before you make any decisions about your future, please listen to these two podcasts and pray like crazy for God to lead you and guide you!

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It’s our 200th birthday worship leader podcast!

And to celebrate, we are having a special birthday podcast where we talk about the big issues that no one else wants to face… getting older!

Are you getting older? Hey, even worship leaders get older (except possibly us… we are not delusional, really), so this podcast is about how you can get older and still remain powerful and relevant as a worship leader.  So you’re now older, but does that mean that you are “over the hill”?  We don’t think so, we just believe you’re just more experienced, and that can make you an even better worship leader, as this podcast suggests…

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If you are a worship leader, there will come a time when you want to train a new worship leader, and this podcast is all about how, when, where and why you should be raising up worship leaders.

Create a lasting legacy and lead a winning team today by listening to this podcast.  As you continue to raise up others, you will also be establishing and creating greater impact from your own ministry.  Trouble is, some of us are fearful in case our protegee becomes better than us, but we need to realise that great leaders raise up great leaders!

So do not be fearful about doing a great job when you train another worship leader.  If you truly are a worship leader, then it is your destiny to train others, with a view to making them even better and more productive than ever before.

So settle back with a cup of whatever your poison is (tea or coffee I am thinking of) and enjoy the gang as they bring you today’s worship leader podcast…

Learning how to develop your worship gift is an important part of being a worship leader.

You don’t just have the gift and that’s the end of it. You need to train the worship gift, train yourself and interact with the right people to truly develop the gift you have into what God wants you to be.

Learn how to develop your gift in today’s podcast, and if you are a worship leader, or if you want to become a great worship leader, take the opportunity to learn and develop the gift of worship leading…


lead worship


Do you ever feel like you are not good enough to be leading worship in your church?

Trust me, you are not alone!

Leading worship is a big thing, and it can be an overwhelming  task, especially if you are not familiar or comfortable with praise and worship leading.  Are you going to make a mistake, are people going to stand there and look at you like you have 2 heads, or are they going to follow you into awesome worship?

So here’s the good news… . When you lead worship, it is more about the Lord than it is about you!

Today’s podcast is a wonderfully encouraging, fun and inspiring one, especially for those of you who may not feel like you are God’s gift to worship leading!  We share openly and honestly about how we feel, how we have felt in the past, and what you can do to not only encourage and inspire your gift, but lead your congregation into amazing and awesome praise and worship.

It’s all here on the worship leader podcast this week!

Silence in worship Using silence in worship leading is a lost art, or at least a dying one!  Sometimes we find our worship entering a period of silence, but often this is just an awkward thing that leaves us feeling… well, awkward!

Silence in Worship Leading Can be Golden

But silence in worship leading is something that can be absolutely golden.  It can be powerful and help to center people’s thoughts, emotions and spirits on he Lord.  It can cause us to examine ourselves, examine our lives and help us reach out to God.

Or it can just be pain and, well… awkward!

Join the pod team to learn how to make silence your friend, not your enemy as you lead powerful praise and worship.

Grab a coffee and sit down to enjoy your favorite worship leading podcast…