243- Are You a Multi-Talented Worship Leader

Multi-Talented Worship Leader

Are you a Multi-Talented Worship Leader?

If you can do several or even many things well, choosing what you will do actually becomes a stress.

Now please understand, I am not saying that we are the best at everything on earth, or that we are God’s gift to every aspect of worship leading, but the fact remains that many of us do actually have many talents.  So the question we ask is, how do you manage these many talents, which do you prioritise and how does that even look when it comes to your worship team?

If you have several talents, and most often worship leaders do because that’s why their pastors chose them, then there are many good reasons to manage your own talents carefully.  First, for your own sanity and to avoid burnout, second so you can feel fulfilled but importantly, when you do something that means someone else is not being released to do it.  So what should you do, what should you delegate and what should you avoid?  All of these pressing questions will be answered in this week’s exciting worship leader podcast!

So if you are the kind of worship leader who tends to be good at everything, and you need to make decisions and use the time you have effectively, you’re going to really get something out of this week’s podcast.  If you have less talents, that’s more than alright because you can concentrate on what you are god at and release others into what you struggle with, and that;s a terrific way to lead a successful worship team!

And don’t forget, we have loads of teaching on this and every other subject associated with worship leading in our incredible worship leader academy, which you can get access to for less than a cup of coffee a day. So give up a cuppa and learn to serve Jesus even more effectively today as a Multi-Talented Worship Leader!

242- Worship Leader Depression… Down but Not Out!

worship leader depression

Worship leader depression is something we all know, and know well (if we’re honest).

Being depressed is a common thing for everybody, but sometimes worship leader depression seems like the worst thing ever.

So why is it that worship leaders are so prone to feeling down about themselves and life in general?  That’s what today’s worship leader podcast is all about.  We are going to look at why we get depressed, what we are depressed about and how we can look to he Lord to drag us out of our depression.

And trust me worship leader depression is a common thing we all face!

Things don’t go well, people criticise, you get frustrated and before you know it, you’re depressed.  Your team let you down, and you get down. Your pastor conveys to you, either by speaking or just by a look, that you have let him down, and you too are left feeling down.

Oh man, I get depressed just thinking about it, don’t you?

So settle back with a nice calming beverage, maybe a latte or a sweet tea, and get ready to explore your emotions, feeling and hurts in this worship leader podcast.  And we promise to not leave you in the lurch coping with feelings of depression, but we have some great ideas on how you can look to the Lord and triumph over worship leader depression



And if you want to learn more about worship leader depression, and how can you deal with it in a godly way so that you might be down but not out, why not join us in our worship leader academy.  We teach all sorts of things, in fact pretty much everything you need to know as a worship leader, including the practicalities of how to arrange songs, lead bands and put together stunning worship, but also how to grow in your walk with God, how to encourage or discipline your team and, of course, how you can overcome worship leader depression and every other situation you might face.

239- Are You Appreciated or Tolerated as a Worship Leader?

appreciate or tolerated

Appreciated or tolerated?

Ouch, this one will hit home to many of us!  So often when we lead worship we just feel like we are tolerated, not appreciated or even celebrated.  OK, you we may not want everyone falling over themselves to tell us we are awesome, but a little bit of encouragement wouldn’t go astray, right?

Do You Want to be Appreciated or Tolerated?

So which will it be, appreciated or tolerated?  We work hard as worship leaders, we turn up early, train, practice and then give our all on the stage, doing everything we can to usher in the presence of God and prepare people’s hearts for the message.  However, so often we are overlooked and even criticised if he worship is considered sub par!  If you are feeling down and unappreciated, then this is the worship leader podcast you need to listen to.

Pastors have many things on their minds, preaching and so on, and often times church members fail to voice their appreciation. In this pod we talk about appreciation, what to do if you feel unappreciated and at what point you should consider leaving?

I mean, does your own band even appreciate you?  If they do appreciate you, they are with you and behind you in all they do?  If they are just tolerating you, then you will find it harder to move forward and really lead as the Lord wants you to lead.

If I Move Churches Will I Be  Appreciated or Tolerated?

appreciate or toleratedSo some of you will say, I might as well move on to a new church if my current church does not appreciate me, right?  Well maybe the Lord is speaking you you about serving and humility and the like, but then maybe He is telling you to move on.  So how do you know, which one is i and where should you be looking to move if that is what God has for you?  These are discussed in detail on today’s worship leader podcast.

It’s all happening on this week’s worship leader podcast!

237- Worship Leading for the First Time

worship leading for the first time

When you are worship leading for the first time , you can be overwhelmed by what you think is required.

So many songs to choose from, and limited time.  So which ones are going to be awesome and which are going going to bomb out? how can I know, how can I blend songs together, and if I am nervous because I am worship leading for the first time, how can I possibly lead people with confidence given that I myself am struggling to be confident.

You may have been watching others leading worship for the first time and seen them struggle, but hey, it’s your turn and now the pressure is on, right?

Worship Leading for the first time can be Daunting!

Well, the pod team have put together simple, easy to follow and easy to implement  tips which will make your first leading of worship a huge success.  We have discovered after being involved for many years, that there are certain things you can do that are simple, yet they can make worship leading for the first time a real success.

So even if you have been leading worship for a while, going back over these concepts and realigning the way you lead worship could see a real increase in your anointing and your effectiveness as you lead worship.

So worship leader, please don’t blunder into your first service and try and sound like a seasoned professional!  Step back, listen to our advice, keep things simple and trust God to do something amazing, rather than faking it.  He specialised in making the weak strong, and the poor rich, and the humble great!

So if you are facing

worship leading for the first time

, or even if you have done it a lot before, this podcast will speak to you and realign what you do!

And if you are worship leading for the first time, you’ve got to hear this podcast…

234- How to Bring the Presence of God

bring the presence of God

Learning how to bring the presence of God to a meeting is a skill many worship leaders have not really explored.

Now certainly God is God, and He decides when to make His presence known, but as worship leaders we can do certain things to open the way for a real Holy Spirit encounter in our worship leading.

That’s what this podcast is all about… the steps that you can take as a worship leader to prepare the way for an encounter with the living God!

Learning How to Bring the Presence of God to a Meeting is Life Changing!

Learning the skills that encourage people to open their hearts in worship is a life changing moment!

And let me also add that there is no recipe to bring the presence of God.  There is no secret sauce that makes this happen, but there are simple yet profound steps you can take that will make this more possible.  We teach this in the worship leader academy, and find that students increase the presence of the Lord in their meetings quite profoundly!

So we are not here to offer cheap, easy ways to fake it!  In this podcast, we will look at real and sensible strategies that not only lead people in singing and worship , but that also prepare their hearts for  move of God.  After all, that’s what we are supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

And learning these skills is definitely attainable for almost all worship leaders, regardless of how experienced you are. These skills and ideas open the way for your people to open their hearts and thereby allow God’s presence to move in their hearts, and in the meeting as a whole.

So settle back and enjoy the fun, wit, or should we say half-wit, of Darin and Erick as the share insights and ideas to help you bring the presence of God into all of your worship leading.

226- When You See No Response

See No Response

A worship leader nightmare is when you are doing your best, and you see no response. OK, in some denominations this might be the norm, but even in conservative groups there are still signs of life that ought to be there, right?

But often you see nothing!  No hands raised, no eyes closed, no smiles… nothing!  This happens more than you might imaging, even with experienced worship leaders, so this week’s podcast is one you need to check out and listen to, just for your own ministry’s sake!

You are up there singing, playing, worshiping and feeling like you are really tapping into the presence of the Lord, and you look across the auditorium and see… absolutely nothing. Some people might even be yawning or falling asleep, and you want to hop down from stage and go and shake them and say, “How about a bit of engagement, dude!”

Of course, you cannot do that when you see no response to your worship leading!

But what you can do is listen to the podcast and learn some switched on techniques that will connect with people and allow you to start engaging them in worship.

Another positive thing you can do is to watch our free online teaching and learn powerful and effective techniques that can help you engage your congregation.

Click here to see this free presentation now, and let it transform the way your lead praise and worship in your church!

225- Worship with a Gratitude Attitude

gratitude attitude

You should lead worship with a gratitude attitude, but people being people, we often are not as grateful as we ought to be.

It has been well said that the biggest sin of the western world is an ungrateful spirit, and this applies even yo us worship leaders, who have so much to have a gratitude attitude about, right?

Well, this is going to be a fun and very positive and rewarding worship leader podcast!  In it we discuss all the big reasons why we are grateful, and we talk about how you can lead worship with a gratitude attitude.

In fact, this pod looks at having that gratitude attitude in every aspect of life, including your worship leading, and how this attitude or gratitude can make such a difference no only in your worship leading but also in how you relate o others, how you lead your team and how you worship in spirit and in truth.

Worship Leading with a gratitude attitude?

And this pod will make you feel GREAT!  Plus, you can check out our free worship leader training, and this will enhance your gratitude attitude as well!  You are in an awesome ministry, dude, get thankful about it!

There is so much you can be thankful for in life, starting with Jesus dying for you and giving you eternal life, and moving right through the blessings you have in your world, like family, church, work, ministry and friends.  So we hope this pod will fill you with joy and thankfulness, and make you stop to recognize the unbelievable blessing that comes when you know Jesus!

121- When Ex Members Attack Your Ministry…

attack your ministry

Nobody likes it when ex members attack your ministry.It always hurts, and that’s a fact!

They may have left for any number of reasons, and they may even have left the church, but how do you respond when these ex members attacking your ministry?

In this week’s pod, we talk about how you should respond, as opposed to react, and we discuss godly ways you can love these people, even though they are attacking your ministry

How Do You React When Ex Members Attack Your Ministry?

This revealing and slightly painful podcast comes as a direct question to us from the Facebook page, and we’re betting that he is not the only one going through this right now!

I mean, when you become a worship leader you are going to face attack at some point, often from the very ones who were once closest to you and the ones you loved and believed in.  That’s all part of leadership, so don’t get discouraged, turn to the Lord and let Him do the worrying for you (you know He won’t of course!).

So settle back, relax and stop worrying about when ex members attack your ministry.  We have you covered here at the worship leader podcast, so check it all out now!

120- Going Up Keys in Worship Leading

going up keys in worship

Going up Keys in worship leading can be one of the most exciting experiences a worship leader can have in their Ministry.

When you go up Keys in worship, you will notice that all of the congregation members will be straining a little bit harder to hit the notes, and usually will sing louder and with more commitment. However, the value of going up Keys in worship does not stop there.

The Magic of Going Up Keys in Worship Leading!

There is something spiritually amazing that happens when we go up a key. I can’t really explain it as a worship leader, but I know when I take songs that people know and go up Keys in worship, not only do people sing louder but also the spiritual atmosphere is raised accordingly.

In this podcast we are going to talk about the value of going up Keys in worship, how to do it and when best to apply this technique so that you get positive results from your worship leading. We hope to give you Keys about going up Keys that you will be able to apply starting this Sunday, and that will yield positive results from the very first time you do it.

So if you are not going up Keys in worship, you could be missing one of the best experiences and techniques for your Ministry!

And don’t forget, you can learn more about this and other exciting techniques that will improve your worship leading by attending our worship leader Academy. For a minuscule amount of money per month, you can do this comprehensive six-month course that will teach you all of the latest and greatest techniques for leading worship effectively in your church.

So don’t miss out, and make sure you are going up keys in worship effectively, starting this Sunday!

214- Christmas Minus the Xmas Factor

Xmas or Christmas

Xmas, or more appropriately Christmas, comes but once a year, which is probably good because it tries many worship leaders nuts trying to organise Christmas carols for their band.

If you are like me, you especially just hate the whole replacing Jesus with an X side of Christmas, so it becomes Xmas.

This podcast is about putting Jesus back into your Christmas celebrations and worship leading, and we also explore the controversial world of including the fat guy in the red suit.

We have joined by the ever popular Suzie, and apart from the usual Christmas controversies, this is a really fun pod that every worship leader who has to do with Christmas must listen to!

So settle back, grab some eggnog, Christmas pudding or even mince pies and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast.

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We look at things like song selection, how to arrange songs and blend them together into a beautiful worship journey. We also look at how you manage your team, keeping the peace and inspiring your team members along the way.

We cover things like practices, rosters, interaction with pastors and a whole lot more. There are hours and hours of video teaching, downloadable devotions and study notes, and a number of incredible bonuses that will change the way you lead worship and increase your effectiveness as a worship leader.

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