240- All About Free Worship

free worship

Free worship is an area that can be controversial, but can also be a beautiful part of  praise and worship leading.

But Many Churches Avoid Free Worship!

OK, I will be he first to admit that I have heard some pretty poor free worship in my time, and often it is forced, far from Spirit led and sees the congregation just checking their cell phones or staring at the band while the band does their thing!

Yet free worship can be effective worship, and it can lead your people to a place of worship they would never reach without it. It occurs when the congregation starts to sing their own song, and it can be anywhere from incredibly beautiful and anointed to forced and horrible!

How can you make free worship a part of your church worship?

So how can you take what is often forced and horrible and make it into something that’s inspiring and incredible? Well, all the secrets will be revealed on today’s worship leader podcast!

free worshipAnd those of you who are in more conservative churches, please don’t just switch off!  There’s loads of great information here for you also, and you can learn how to explore the introduction of simple, short and effective free worship, and let the Lord gradually allow your congregation to free their worship up!

This podcast is about how you can lead free worship effectively, even in a conservative congregation, and how to follow the Lord as you lead worship.  That’s right, you can even lead his stuff in a conservative church, if you do it subtly and with humility and grace (I know because I’ve done it myself before!)

It’s all happening on the worship leader podcast this week, so settle back and grab a coffee and listen to the boys…

184- The Sin of Self Promotion

self promotion

self promotionThis week’s praise and worship leader podcast deals with a very touchy subject… The sin of self-promotion.

Now, being worship leaders, musicians and singers, none of us is immune from blowing our own trumpet and promoting ourselves, our talents and abilities. I am not accusing anybody, but I’m thinking also of myself, because part of the ability to perform and present well involves some degree of promoting your skills and abilities.

However if we want to become great in God’s kingdom we need to learn to be the servants of all, and this applies to praise and worship leaders is much as it applies to anybody.

So today’s podcast deals specifically with the times when promoting yourself goes beyond confidence and enters into the realm of sin. It is very revealing, completely honest and definitely something each and every praise and worship leader needs to listen to and think about.

In this praise and worship leader podcast we will also reveal the surefire way you can have real success and grow your Ministry without promoting yourself (and yes, this is actually possible!).

This information about growing your ministry is absolutely reliable, and I know because I have personally done this and seen my ministry explode on an international level, so if you want to know how to grow your Ministry within your own church, or even in a greater sphere than that, you really need to click below and listen to this entire podcast…

And don’t forget, no matter who you are and what level of worship leading you are involved in, training will be a huge asset to you.

182- Social Media and Worship Leading

social media and worship leading

social media and worship leadingBoy is this going to open a can of worms… Social media and worship leading can be a volatile mix, so this could be an incredibly important worship leader podcast for all of us!

Social media is an incredibly popular way for many people in church Ministry to stay in touch with members of the congregation, and similar ministries around the world. I mean, we use social media all the time and it’s not all that bad, is it?

However, there is a right and wrong way to use social media and worship leading can sometimes bring out the worst in social media. In this podcast you will learn that it is not a place to vent, complain or organise revolutions in your church worship team, but it is a place to connect with people’s hearts and encourage them.

But how do you use social media and worship leading correctly?

This is a great time few to get off Facebook, turn off Twitter and turn on the worship leader podcast. Whether you are listening to us on your way to work, or just sitting relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee, this podcast is the perfect way to learn how to correctly use the many avenues of social media in a way that honours God, builds up others and doesn’t destroy your Ministry….

It is well worth a listen, so click the button below and start listening.

And don’t forget there are always heaps of really cool things happening at praiseandworshipleader.com. So if you are leading worship in any way and in any capacity, there’s heaps of things to listen to, training to be had and POD casts to be enjoyed right here on the site.

For those of you who want to go a little bit deeper, don’t forget our praise and worship leader University, which has hours of training designed to help you reach your full potential as a worship leader.

And we are going to undergo a change in the next couple of months, which will see is institute a brand-new Academy further devoted to helping you become the praise and worship leader you want to be.

So if you are involved in praise and worship leading in your church, either as a worship leader, musician, singer or anything else, then this is the place to be to become everything you long to be in the Lord!

Until next time



178- What if You Disagree with Your Leadership?

disagree with your leadership

disagree with your leadershipWe all want to serve the Lord, but what if you disagree with your leadership?  Do you have to be a doormat, walked on by overbearing or aggressive pastors and/or worship directors, most of whom will accuse you of not being a servant if you disagree with them?

This is a very sensitive issue, and as I am both a pastor and a worship leader, I think it is one we need to talk through, hence this podcast!  Often church leadership think they have a direction and call from God, and so they call us as worship leaders to join with them and serve heir vision, and trust me that’s all fine.  However, it doesn’t mean that you simply have to roll over on each and every issue.

Even pastors are fallible!  If you disagree with your leadership, you need to handle things correctly.

When you disagree with your leadership, and you will, sometime, you must be accountable for what you say and what you do!  We get so heated about things, but this worship leader podcast is all about how you handle the disagreement in a godly, humble and powerful way, and even how you can turn things around and see real change in a winsome and gentle way.

This is a podcast not to be missed, and please email us and tell us conflict and disagreements you currently face with your leadership.

Managing these inevitable disagreements could be the making or breaking of your entire ministry, so grab a cuppa and join the team…

174- Are You Leading, Pushing or Leaving Your Congregation?

praise and worship leader leading

Praise and worship leaders, this is a critical podcast that you need to hear!

praise and worship leader leading

The big question is, are you leading your congregation in worship, or are you pushing them or, as many of us do, leaving them behind?

Let me clarify each of these before you even get to today’s podcast…

LEADING worship is about taking your congregation by the hand and leading them into a more wonderful and anointed worship experience.  This is what we are called to do, this is our mandate, and this is our aim!

BUT, and here’s the painful bit, many of us do not actually lead our people.  Many of us find ourselves PUSHING people into what we thing is worship, and I can tell you that while you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make them drink, and in the same way, you can push and reluctant person to worship, but it won’t be real worship.

As a result, many of us then find ourselves LEAVING our congregation behind.  We head off into the sunset worshiping on our merry way, and the people just stand around watching the band worship and checking their cell phones!  I have seen this countless times in churches large and small, so please forgive me for being so blunt about it, but I think as praise and worship leaders, we must stop and examine what we are doing, and search for (and pray for) new and powerful ways of leading our congregation into deeper worship experiences.

That’s what this podcast is all about, so settle back, grab a cuppa and enjoy examining what you do and how you can seriously improve your ministry with our podcast team…

154- Is your Worship Boring?

worship boring

worship boringThis worship leader podcast cuts right to the heart of our ministry…Is your worship boring

Is our worship boring?  Are people bored, are we bored with it, and maybe even is God bored?

If we are honest, sometimes we do lead boring worship, the same songs week in and week out, done exactly the same way.  Yet we don’t have to be boring, even in a church where everyone else seems boring.  We can be exciting and lead powerful praise and worship.  We can take people on a journey that thrills our congregation, challenges our worship team, excites our spirits and makes worship the most thrilling adventure people will experience on a Sunday!

SO whether you are enjoying your worship, or run the risk of leading boring, dull worship, this podcast will challenge all of us towards making praise and worship leading the most exciting part of the service, and the most exciting ministry we could possibly be privileged to be involved in.

Buckle up, keep an open mind and have a listen… we promise it will be worth it, and it won’t be too… well… boring!

Click here if you want some more great ideas about how to lead exciting, powerful praise and worship, starting this Sunday…

151- When Bad Things Happen

bad things happen

bad things happenWhen bad things happen in your life or in your ministry it is tempting to be overwhelmed or feel sorry for yourself.  You may even get mad at God (who doesn’t deserve any of your anger), and find yourself reacting badly to the situation.

You need to respond rather than react to whatever has happened or whatever has been said, and you must make sure that you respond in a godly way!

So this worship leader podcast is about how you respond to the times we all face when bad things happen to you.  It might be someone criticizing you, insulting you or circumstances seemingly working against you.  No matter what you face, or how you feel, this pod will help you to overcome difficulties and let God use them to build positive changes in your life and character.

So settle back and listen to today’s very special worship leader podcast, and turn whatever lemons you face today into lemonade!


138- Reading Your Congregation

138- Reading Your Congregation

reading audience photoReading your congregation is an important skill, one which is most often overlooked!  This worship leader podcast looks at how you can read your audience, what they are thinking and how they are reacting, so that you can effectively lead them from where they are to a greater worship experience.

So many worship leaders fail to read they people, and the result is that they worship God and “do their thing” on stage, while the congregation stares into space, watches them or check their cell phones.  No secular performer worth his salt does this, but we seem to think that because we are worshiping we can do what we like, without engaging our audience at all.

Worship leaders, it’s time to get this one right and lead, truly lead our congregations into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  It’s not enough for us to have a good time while they watch, and this worship leader podcast is all about reading the people, knowing if they are with you or not, and gently leading them into a more wonderful relationship with Jesus.  It’s not theory, but this pod is all about how you read them, and how you respond when they are not tracking with you.

A no holes barred worship leader podcast about reading your congregation…

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Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library

136- Unmet Expectations

Expectations Unmet

Expectations UnmetWhen you have unmet expectations you will have people upset and dissatisfied, whether it’s people in your congregation, or whether it’s you!  How do you make sure your congregation’s expectations for worship are met, and how do you handle it if your expectations of the pastor are unmet.


We all want to have our expectations met, but you may have been leading worship for a long time with little or no recognition, or you may have just been passed over for a position you know you are perfect for.  How do you manage this disappointment, and how do you faithfully keep on serving when it seems like everything you are doing is in vain?

A critical and powerful Worship Leader Podcast answers these questions and more…

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134- Worship Leader Rock Stars

Rock Star Worship leader

Rock Star Worship leaderWe have all seen worship leader rock stars, and maybe we have ventured down that road ourselves!  This worship leader podcast is about whether you can be a rock star and a worship leader, which we might as well frame as the question, “Can you be a rock star and a servant at the same time!


Seems that there is a type of personality that loves to be loved on the stage, but there is a not so fine line between being a star and being a servant.  You can tell worship leader rock stars by the way they walk, the way they talk, their dress, their swagger and the style with which they lead.  Most often there is an arrogance which is entirely removed from the humble servant, and that is one of the issues we discuss this week on the worship leader podcast!


So sit back, grab a nice cup of tea and relax while the team challenges and entertains you, and maybe even make you laugh a little… we might even see an old friend popping in, so click below and join in the fun…



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