Worship leader depression is something we all know, and know well (if we’re honest).

Being depressed is a common thing for everybody, but sometimes worship leader depression seems like the worst thing ever.

So why is it that worship leaders are so prone to feeling down about themselves and life in general?  That’s what today’s worship leader podcast is all about.  We are going to look at why we get depressed, what we are depressed about and how we can look to he Lord to drag us out of our depression.

And trust me worship leader depression is a common thing we all face!

Things don’t go well, people criticise, you get frustrated and before you know it, you’re depressed.  Your team let you down, and you get down. Your pastor conveys to you, either by speaking or just by a look, that you have let him down, and you too are left feeling down.

Oh man, I get depressed just thinking about it, don’t you?

So settle back with a nice calming beverage, maybe a latte or a sweet tea, and get ready to explore your emotions, feeling and hurts in this worship leader podcast.  And we promise to not leave you in the lurch coping with feelings of depression, but we have some great ideas on how you can look to the Lord and triumph over worship leader depression



And if you want to learn more about worship leader depression, and how can you deal with it in a godly way so that you might be down but not out, why not join us in our worship leader academy.  We teach all sorts of things, in fact pretty much everything you need to know as a worship leader, including the practicalities of how to arrange songs, lead bands and put together stunning worship, but also how to grow in your walk with God, how to encourage or discipline your team and, of course, how you can overcome worship leader depression and every other situation you might face.