Worship Leader Podcast

77- Incorporating Everything into Worship

Can you incorporate everything into worship?

We do so much during our church services, anything we can do to streamline them should be fully explored by every worship leader.  The truth is, with a little bit of insight and Godly wisdom, we can incorporate everything into worship and make things flow, improving the experience of our congregations.

Think about all the things you might normally do in a service, such as communion, announcements, prayers, mission spots.

It’s a wonder we have any time available at all! Yet as a congregational leader, you can be a huge help to your pastor by incorporating many or even all of these activities into your praise leading.

It’s not just about leading songs or getting people to sing, it is providing them an opportunity to come with you on a journey of worshipping which draws the worshipper deeper and closer to Jesus.  That’s why things like com

The fact is that we can, if we really seek the Lord on this, include so many things into our worship leading that would normally be placed between songs, or after worshipping.

Discover how to do this, streamline your church services and serve your pastor and your people more effectively in this week’s podcast…

Worship Leader Podcast

70- Keeping Worship Simple

Keeping worship simple is a must in these trying times.

Keeping Worship Simple is Not That Simple!

Many have noticed that worshipping has become more and more complex over the last several decades, with increases in production, costs, amps, lights and even things like smoke machines and lasers.  The old days of simplicity seem to be a thing of the past.

So in this pod, we examine how we can keep our worship simple, yet effective.  Do we need all the production, or do we need more hearts set upon the Lord, focused on Him and seeking Him willingly and deeply?

And please don’t get me wrong. I love the production stuff.  I appreciate lights and effects, but I also understand that the Holy Spirit needs none of these to penetrate into the souls of worshippers.  After COVID, one of the things we are discovering is that life in general and your relationship with the Lord could do with being just a bit simpler.

Us humans know how to complicate things, don’t we? We take a simple task like connecting with God in worship, and we make it more and more complicated.  Yet worship in essence is not something we do, it is a place where we live.  We can choose to live our lives connected to the Lord, or drop in for an hour a week… the choice is ours.

Connecting with and worshipping God has always been available to us.  We don’t need smoke, laser lights or loud music, we need hearts that are open and obedient to Him.  And that’s good news for those of us who have a budget. We don’t need to buy more stuff, we can just simply usee tools like a single guitar, a piano, even an organ.  We can even worship without any music at all.  Why? Because worship is not what we do, it is who we are!

Listen to this podcast and decide for yourself how you can improve your church by keeping worship simple…