176- What are You Worried About?

worried aboutWhat are you worried about when it comes to your worship leading?

I know, it’s kind of a loaded question.  We are always worried about something, be it breaking a string or our voice cracking, or maybe it’s everyone getting out of time.  The thing is, whatever your worry, this podcast is especially for you!

It’s time to stop worrying and give it all to the Lord.  I mean give i to Him, and leave it with Him, not take it back so we can keep worrying about it.

This is a fun and encouraging podcast where we look at worry, in worship leading and in life, and we talk about how we should handle it, and why we should give it all to Jesus.  What ever it is that you are worried about, this is the pod for you!

To quote a typical Aussie phrase, “No worries, mate!”  This is the no worries worship leader podcast, coming right to your ears from the laid back, chilled, worry-less down-under podcast team…