Who is a worship leader and what exactly does he or she do that is different?  Many people recognize worship leading as a person standing at the front of a church singing and encouraging others to sing, but as someone who has been leading praise and worship for decades, I believe that our calling is far greater and runs much deeper than mere song leading.

Who is a Worship Leader Called to Be?

Who is a Worship LeaderFor someone who is a worship leader, the first question is who were you called to be?  I believe that the name of the ministry describes what the Lord has called actually us to be… both worshippers and leaders at the same time.

Leading worship may seem like you are conducting a sing-a-long, but is this who a worship leader is really called to be?  We need to be worshippers ourselves, but we also need to be leaders, leading our congregations and our team members with confidence and power.  It is not enough to have a good voice or to play the guitar or piano well.  We are called to be leaders, and we must lead our team with humility and strength as well as wisdom and love!  We must lead our congregations and our band with true and God centred inspiration, not with heavy handed aggression.  Real leaders lead by inspiration, not intimidation, so if we are to truly recognize God’s calling on our lives we have to become the leaders He has called us to be.

Who is a Worship Leader Gifted to Be?

You see, I believe that when the Lord chooses you and gifts you that He also raises within you the ability to become a leader.  Yes, you must follow the Pastor and leadership, but among the team members you need to lead with love and inspiration.

So who is a worship leader?  It is someone who inspires and encourages their team, and leads them by example into a deeper place of worship.  It is someone who seems exalted on stage, but must remain humble and loving at all times.  It is someone who has not only the gift of worshipping, but also the gift of leadership.

It’s Time for the One Who is a Worship Leader to Stand Up and Serve

A worship leader is someone who leads worship in church, but in reality they are a true and inspiring leader of people, both in their team and in their church.  For this reason, someone who is a worship leader must be also a servant, totally available and always humbling doing whatever they can to bless those around them.

Those who lead worship are not stars, they are not heroes. No, we are simply servants with a peculiar gifting.  We need to love, we need to inspire and we need to work hard at our chosen profession, and if we do so faithfully I believe we will have the joy of seeing many people’s lives inspired and blessed, not only by our music by even more by our lives and leadership.

I believe it is now time for the one who is a worship leader to become less of a singer and more of an inspirational servant-leader…

Who Is A Worship Leader!