251- When To Pray or Not to Pray, That is the Question?

When To Pray

When To pray or not to pray, that is a question we all face when we consider our worship leading.  Some people pray between every song, others never pray out loud, so what is the best thing to do and when?  That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… practical, sensible teaching about when you should pray, and the consequences of your stepping into worship at that time.

Now I should say that I am not against prayer at all, but very much in favour of it.  However, when leading worship, I have seen prayers both enhance and detract from the spirit of worship.  I must say, I’m not a fan of long, extended play prayers, especially as part of worship leading.

Learn When to Pray and When Not to Pray

Many worship leaders, especially those who do not play an instrument, use their voice as a way of filling in between songs, and a prayer is often a spiritual way to do this.  While there is nothing wrong with the right prayer at the right place, overuse can certainly distract people who are genuinely worshipping deeply. In today’s pod, we look at when to pray, how long, what we should pray for and all the other prayer considerations.  If you lead worship, don’t miss this!

So check out today’s pod and decide for yourself when you should pray, how long, what we should pray for and all the other prayer considerations.  If you lead worship, don’t miss this!

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