116- When It All Goes Wrong

When it all goes wrong

Worship leading doesn’t always go the way we want, so what do we do when it all goes wrong?

When It All Goes Wrong, We Need a Plan!

Things happen all the time when we are on stage, and we are not in control of these things.  Sound might feedback, people may sing off key, instruments might go out of tune, and my personal favourite, guitar strings might break!!


These things are always going to be a clear and present danger for the worship leader, but great leaders know how to handle the situation when it all goes wrong.

Learn how to be one of these worship leaders in this very special podcast.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


44- When It All Goes Wrong in Worship

all goes wrong

As a worship leader., you’ve probably figured out that sometimes, despite all your preparation and rehearsal, it all goes wrong!

But Don’t Panic When It All Goes Wrong in Worship!

Even the best, even the pros have times when, despite all their preparation, skills and checking, things go wrong!

No matter who you are, how good you are, how experienced you might be or how much you pray, sometimes things just don’t happen the way we want.  It might be a power issue, a broken guitar string, a dodgy cable or something worse!

I’ve learned that the best worship leaders are not those who have talent, big capable teams or a massive reputation.  Many times the best worship leaders are those who can flow with changes and wing their way through potential disasters.

I hesitate to use the term “fake it til you make it”, but frankly sometimes this is a reality.  Accomplished worship leaders tend to be really good at doing this when things are getting grim!  I know, I’ve probably done it a thousand times, and mostly the audience had no idea!

I remember singing my own material, forgetting the starting words of one of my songs and making up and entire verse on the spot… rhyming and all!  No one knew, except my wife who commented that she really loved the new verse.  I was so panicked I could not remember a thing!  These are the time when you have to let go and flow with the Holy Spirit, and it takes courage and obedience to do this.

We want you to become that kind of worship leader.  Listen to this week’s 12-minute pod and learn some of the secrets to adapting, overcoming and even triumphing through the times when it all goes wrong, and how your congregation might not even realise that you’ve had these struggles!