When You Lead People in Worship, When is it Too Loud?

When you lead people in worship, how can you tell if it’s too loud?

Years ago when I was in a Christian rock and roll band, we used to have a saying :” if it’s too loud, you’re too old. ”
It’s a funny saying and for a rock band it’s probably right, but when you lead people in worship, this does not necessarily follow! As a worshipleader, I’m not sure excessive loudness fits in the music service of a church.
When we lead people in worship, we have the amazing opportunity to bring people into the very presence of God. This is our calling, our priestly responsibility and our privilege.
When we lead people in worship, there is a number of essentials that go into the mix to make for a great worship service.  Volume is most often not one of these!

The Essential Mix to Lead People in Worship

Prayer and preparation are on the top of the list.When I lead people in worship, I spend a number of hours in prayer and preparation. I give myself to reading God’s word and there are a number of devotionals I love to read. During this time I pray about the songs that I am going to do for that meeting.

Lead people in worshipAnother important ingredient is great unity in the band. At practice and on the day of the service, it’s important that we have a like mindedness

and a singleness of purpose. This includes every member of the team: drummer, bass guitar, lead and rhythm instruments, vocalists and the sound man/woman. Unity is imperative to a great worship team. Scripture says that when we have unity, God commands the blessing.
Song choice and good flow from song to song is also very important, as is knowing when to modulate, when to have light and shade (loud and quiet).
The last thing I want to mention here is the reason for and the theme of this blog.

I visited a Church recently and while I enjoyed the service, in the worship I was “confronted” by a wall of sound. While the music was good and the mix was balanced, it felt more like I was at a concert than at a worship service. As I observed the band and the interaction with the congregation I couldn’t help it think that something was missing.


When you Lead People in Worship it Involves Everyone

Worship in a church service should be a corporate event. That means that everyone should be involved in the worship, the band and the congregation. I could not hear any of the congregation singing. Come to think of it, I couldn’t hear my own wife. Her lips were moving but I couldn’t hear her. If you are in worship and you can’t hear the congregation, it’s too loud.
It’s important to have a good sound balance coming from your front of house. If its too soft you have no control of the intensity of your mix and

people can’t hear you. If its too loud, people can’t hear themselves, and that doesn’t lend itself to great corporate worship.
Everyone involved in the production of the Worship service is important and a good mix is vital to the success of each service.
When you lead people in worship, inspire them, encourage them but don’t deafen them!