83- The Use of Vocal Effects During Worship

vocal effects

Vocal effects can add so much to your worship, but they can also create an embarrassing mess.  trouble is, as a worship leader you generally have no clue how to talk to a sound guy to, shall we say,  moderate his use of effects.

Vocal Effects are Sometimes Dangerous!

By vocal effects, we are talking about things like reverb and delay, which give an echo effect on your vocals.  They can sound really warm and nice, but in the wrong hands, or if your sound person is inexperienced., they can be a disaster.

In fact. many vocal effects sound like you are singing while lost down the toilet somewhere, echoing and booming like a canyon or a deep cave.

There is a real art to using effects on vocals, but there are also some very helpful things you can do to make use of these in a subtle way to enhance the voices, rather than sending them into a deep, dark, echo chamber!

That’s what this podcast is all about.  It is worth investing the time to listen and learn, so that you can tell the sound guy exactly what you want, and how he can achieve this for you.

There are many clever but simple ways, and some glaring potholes you should avoid, when it comes to using reverb and delay on your vocals, and we share these ideas and more in this week’s podcast.

So we thought we would do a session on vocal effects, how to use them, how to not use them and how to get the best out of them.  All in just 12 minutes.  Check it out now!

Image by Kevin McIver from Pixabay