Trained Worship Leading?  How does it compare to natural worship leading, and should we place any emphasis on training if worship leading is, in fact, a spiritual ministry?

The balance between trained worship leading and natural leading has been debated for a long time.  Many people have a natural talent to sing or play music, and they believe that their natural abilities as musicians and singers should be enough to get them through their worship leading tasks.  But is this true?

Why Bother with Trained Worship Leading at All?

If you have a degree of natural talent, and if your heart is writing you are led by the Spirit, is this enough?

I mean, what place should man-made techniques have in a spiritual exercise like worship leading? That’s what this podcast is all about… We have a look at, compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of natural talent versus trained worship leading.

We will examine how you can add the right kind of training to your natural talent to supercharge your worship leading ministry long into the future. We will also discuss what type of training is going to be the most effective and the least expensive, and how you can use recognised and celebrated techniques to add real power to your worship leading.

So often in churches, the worship leader is the person who has a great voice or a good ability to play the piano or guitar. However, just because you sing well or play what does not automatically make you a wonderful worship leader.

Worship leading in the church is an incredible combination of natural abilities and the right kind of training.  The encouraging thing about this is that, even if you are not a brilliant singer or player of an instrument, you can still be a sensational worship leader by using the right techniques and getting the best training.  This includes not only training your voice but also training in how to structure and arrange songs, as well as the very spiritual aspects of getting your heart right before you lead worship.

So if you want to be a powerful, anointed worship leader, learn to combine natural talent with trained worship leading…


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