Worship Leader Podcast 53- Are You Too Old to Lead Worship

This worship leader podcast deals with the often asked issue, “Am I Too Old to Lead Worship?”  Now, being the spring chicken that I am, I perhaps know nothing of such questions… OK, I am stretching the turht a little, but next to Methusalah, I do look pretty young!


Too Old to Lead Worship… Over My Dead Body!

too old to lead worshipHonestly, ifyou are never too old to lead worship as this podcast will show you, and you are only as old as you feel.  So hopefully the guys will make you feel young again and really spruce up your worship! v And if you are young, you will still get great inspiration out of this, and maybe a new appreciation of some of your older team members, who lead worship in their own way. Oh, and don’t forget to laugh a little bit too, at your self or someone older than you… and especially at our old jokes.  There’s fun and a serious message in today’s worship leader podcast.   And to hear the latest Worship Leader Podcast, click on on the hyperlink and turn up your computer speakers (preferably really LOUD!). You can also download the worship leader podcastfor free from itunes, or subscribe to it so you don’t miss any episode ever! So driving to work, mowing the lawn or just chilling out (maybe in an old rocking chair!), let the worship leader podcast teach you and maximise the use of the time you have for the Lord!

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