Leading people using themes in worship leading is a super cool thing to do!

So is your worship leading all over the place, or do you work to a theme?  Does it have direction and does it fit with the rest of the service?  A theme is an awesome and very powerful way to not only bless people, but also prepare their hearts for a specific word, so that’s what this podcast is all about… theme-ingly!


OK, sorry about the theme pun, but hopefully you are getting excited about the possibilities of using your worship leading not only to connect people with the Spirit of God, but also to use the theme to fit in perfectly with the rest of the service and what the pastor is preaching on, thereby preparing the hearts of people to fully engage and receive the Word of God


Whatever you standard of worship leading, and however experienced you are in your ministry, this podcast is worth listening to and enjoying because it will make you a more effective ministry, and make you the pastor’s favourite!

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Worship Leader PodcastIf you are ever asked to lead worship according to a specific theme, then this is the worship leader podcast for you!  Often we have to lead worship but instead of being given free reign to do whatever we want, the pastor has a special theme in mind for the service.  Or perhaps your church observes certain calendars such as Lent, etc., and you have to choose and lead songs according to this theme.  Whatever your situation, if you are facing a theme our Pod team is facing you with all the answers!


Today we talk about how you should choose songs and how you can lead so as to take the congregation in a specific direction, without compromising the intensity and depth of worship you desire.  With years of experience across many denominations, our pod team have great insight and brilliant advice, especially if you pastor wants you to follow a tight theme.  Don’t face this daunting prospect alone, but take the pod team with you, and have a few laughs along the way!
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