164- Sex and the Worship Leader

Sex and the worship leaderSex and the worship leader?  Can we even have a podcast about this very sensitive subject on a Christian website?  Listen, if we don’t talk about it among ourselves and get our attitudes right, we will see worship leaders falling all around the world, tempted and then destroyed because of the sin of sexual temptation, so we thought this would be a great podcast to share.

What About Sex and the Worship Leader?

Any discussion about leading worship and sex needs to recognize that, as worship leaders, we are very open to this particular temptation.  We have a gift and it makes members of the opposite sex compliment us, we have situations where we might stay back for practice alone.  We share a special bond with our team, that our spouses know little about.  All the ingredients are there for a big fall, and we need to be strong enough to stand for what is true and right, not fall for the prettiest girl in the singing team!

So settle back and listen to honest, open and sound teaching about how you can deal with and triumph over sex in your ministry.  Sex and the worship leader? Let’s get this right folks…

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