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Worship Leader Tips that Really Work

If you want to learn powerful worship leader tips, getting advice from experienced worship leaders could make all the difference in your presentation and effectiveness.  The problem is that many experienced leaders closely guard the worship leader tips that have made them successful, meaning that new leaders are often left struggling to find their way in their role, dealing with not only Sunday morning’s worship service but also with the intricacies of song arrangement, band dynamics and musical ideas.

The Hard Way to Learn Worship Leader Tips

Like most professions, there is an easy and a hard way to obtain the information you desire to improve your abilities.  One costs a small amount of money and the other is totally free,, and as you grow older and gain experience you begin to recognize that it is most often worth paying a small amount of money for something that helps you learn information quickly and effectively.

The hard way is also the “free” way, but unlike the freeway you drive on it is not the fastest way to learn.  It involves you spending hours and hours surfing the internet trying to find free information that is exactly what you need to lead worship more successfully.  If your time is worth anything, this is the hardest and least effective way to glean worship leader tips.

However, many people cannot afford to pay money to streamline their learning experience.  That is why we offer free worship leader tips in the form of some great ebooks, and also have a blog and a crazy but information filled podcast!  By listening and reading you can begin to gather worship leader tips, but it is not in any particular order or set up in a way that will help you to start applying the information.

The Easy way to Learn Worship Leader Tips

Worship Leader TipsFor a small outlay you can take the easy way of learning worship leader tips, which comes in a succinct, easy to understand and very easy to apply form.  This means that you do not need to spend hours and hours scouring the internet to obtain choice worship leader tips from people who have been leading worship for decades, in churches and at huge meetings all around the world.  The information is readily available and easy to understand and apply, meaning that you should see an improvement in your worship leading ability within a few days.

It also is usually extremely comprehensive, coving everything from band and team member management, song arrangements, song selections, sound, guitars, drums rosters, relationships to the pastor and a whole host of other areas that can make you into a world class worship leader!

Worship Leader Tips You Can Use This Sunday

The best and most effective worship leader tips are those that you can apply immediately, starting this Sunday.  This means that you do not need to spend hours researching, studying and trying to find some cool idea.  You can read one or two chapters and apply them at the first opportunity.  As you continue to apply this information you will see your worship leading transformed and you will become more and more effective for the Lord in your role.

So, if you are looking for an improvement in your worship leading keep your mind open to investing in your future, because with the right worship leader tips you can become a fantastic leader in your church!


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How To Be a Worship Leader When You Don’t Feel Good!

be a Worship LeaderIf you want to be a worship leader on a regular basis you will recognize this feeling: it’s Sunday morning, it’s early on and you do not feel well, however you have a responsibility to the Lord, the Pastor and the audience to be a worship leader, and do it skillfully. Even world class worship leaders confront days like this and, because I had one of these on Sunday last, I would like to cheer those of you who meet the week in, week out worship leading burden.  If you want to be a worship leader, you have to make sure it does not turn into tedium!

To Be a Worship Leader

There are many reasons why, when we truly want to be a worship leader, we can feel down.  It can be as straightforward as coming off a late evening, feeling worn-out or sick or simply plain worn out, right through to having major events disturbing our sense of joyfulness, things like marriage trouble, the passing away of a familiar friend or a fight with someone in your band just prior to the service.

In my case it was unquestionably a late night after a journey to a near by city which left me feeling fatigued, lackluster and a bit down or miserable when it came to worship leading.

Be a Worship Leader Despite How You Feel!

Uninspired was definitely a good word, and I looked around at the others in my worship band, recognized that if I was going to be a worship leader in the truest sense of the word I would have to carry quite a few of these guys since their skill was not great, but then I saw something else.  They too were fatigued and lethargic.  Perhaps it was infectious!

I prayed and asked the Lord to assist me to be a worship leader not only on stage, but also on a personal level with my team.  I realized that when we are weak, He is strong (2 Cor 12:10).  I realized again that this whole vocation of worship leading is not about me, and how I feel, it’s about Him!  I took a good, hard look at myself, and realized that in truth I am merely a servant, not a singer, not a guitarist and definitely not a star!  I recognized that no matter how I felt inside, to be a worship leader is to required a change in my way of thinking and continue to serve, no matter what the price.

Then the Lord started to move with magnificent power, firstly in my own heart, and then in the hearts of the singers and musicians.  I shared my labor with them for a short time, and we paused to pray as a team and give the morning to the Lord.  Whether we use our hands, feet or voices, all of us above all use out hearts, and this is the appropriate attitude of a servant, and if I want to be a worship leader I must first be a servant.

So when the worship leading began, almost from the very first song, you could feel the presence of the Lord, and His delight at our change of heart, and at our choice to do our best no matter what we felt at that moment.  In our weakness, He showed Himself strong, and we were rewarded with a magnificent and very intimate time of worship.

You Can Be a Worship Leader No Matter How You Feel!

So, fellow worship leaders, if you want to be a worship leader please accept this highly frank, open and graphic article to motivate you, and to tell you that, even if you are feeling downhearted, fatigued and uninspired, you are not alone.  All worship leaders feel this at some stage, all worship leaders labor to keep the flame of inspiration flourishing, and all worship leaders require reminding that worship leading is never about us, and our talents and our enthusiasm, it is, and continually ever will be, first and foremost about HIM!

To be a worship leader is to be a servant, no matter how you feel!