How you measure success in worship leading is a debatable area.

And it is something that could be different for each person, and especially depends on the type of church you are leading worship in!

So How Do You Measure Success in Worship?

OK, let’s get right down to it…Is it how many hands are raised, is it how many compliments you get after the service, or is it something far less tangible like how you feel the worship leading went?

Success in worship is discussed at length in this pod, but we also recognise that the true measure of success is not hands raised or feet tapping, but hearts actually engaged with the Lord in genuine worship.  Erick and Darin discuss how this manifests in various churches, and how you can achieve real success in your worship leading week in and week out!

This podcast explores the measures we use for success, which ones are valid and we do a fascinating double top 5 on the reliable and unreliable indicators of success. If you want to become a great worship leader, you need to hear this pod…

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This worship leader podcast is about success… how we define it in worship leading, and are you absolutely desperate for it. So often we just go through the motions when it comes to our service in the Kingdom, so the podcast team talk about how you can become hungry for true and lasting success in your ministry. So if things are a bit stale, or even if you’re excited to serve but struggling, this worship leader podcast will put a true perspective on things for you (in a fun kind of way).


Oh, and because Darin is traveling to India, it is unlikely that we will have a podcast next week. But hey, we’ll be back the week after, possibly a little late, and we’ll bee looking at some really cool topics, including Christmas Carols and taking offence. So, hang in there a couple of weeks and there will be more happy times to come!



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