stage fright photoStage fright is a fact of life for a public performer or ministry.  I reckon it actually sharpens what I am doing, but for some people it is a nightmare, so this worship leader podcast is about dealing with stage fright.  And here’s the good news… getting stage fright is not weird or unique to you, we are all in it together!

Stage fright is something we all must face at some time, but it doesn’t always depend on the size of the audience.  In fact, I often get more nervous with a small crowd than in a huge stadium, so go figure that one out!  It depends sometimes on who is in the audience, and it especially depends on how confident you are doing what you’re doing.

As a seasoned performer, I always experience stage fright EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk onto the stage, in a church, a hall, a stadium or even someone’s lounge room, so here is a special pod on how to deal and even harness it to improve your presentation, performance and of course, your ministry.

And don’t forget, the University has just started, and there are some great things going on there!  Check out this video…

[vimeo theater]87435818[/vimeo]

See you next time guys, and keep on worshiping Jesus and growing in your ministry!



Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright