Goliath: he comes in different forms for different people, but We all have Goliaths to face, those big tests, sins or people who come against us in our ministry. The pod team discuss and reveal their Goliaths, the ones they face every week as they serve, and show you how you can be an overcomer and a victor in your worship leading ministry…

Your Goliath needs dealing with!

So don’t sit around feeling defeated by these big monsters, because if you let him this big ugly dude will certainly try and destroy you.  Take the time and the opportunity to search your heart as to the biggest Goliaths you face, and ask the Lord for real clarity on how you can deal with them. Once you achieve a victory over one, the others don’t seem as big and nasty. Remember, you must not fight them alone but rather let the Holy Spirit within you fight each Goliath as they raise their ugly heads!

So worship leaders, don’t put up with an ugly


staring you down every time you step onto the stage. You’re worth more than that!  Discover who or what it is, and start taking the steps to victory, not only on the stage but in every area of your life, your family, your work and or course church.

Remember, this big old giant is not out there to bless you or your ministry, and he’s not keen on giving you a big kiss! Make no mistake, this giant want you dead and buried, and your ministry shot down in flames!

So it is time to settle back, throw off your armour, pick up five smooth stones and discover how you can take the biggest issues and problems you face in your worship leading out with just one swing of he old sling.

Tell Goliath his number is up, and the Lord is taking over!