Singing with a Microphone is a skill that every singer should learn, and learn well. I love singing with a microphone because it offers an amazing opportunity for every singer to explore new and intimate skills that are not available otherwise.

It’s similar to acting on the big screen as opposed to acting on the stage.  You can incorporate breathiness, intimacy, high notes, loud and soft,m light and shade in a way that you cannot without the aid of the microphone. You are able to drop your voice to a whisper or hit incredible high and loud notes, but in order to not freak your sound person out, learning these microphone techniques are required.

Take Control when Singing with a Microphone

So, rather than distress the sound guy, or blame him for your vocal problems, you can be responsible for your own sound.  In this podcast we talk about how you can set your microphone, adjust the equalization, change the sound and the feel of your voice and generally take control of your own vocals, and the team’s vocals if you want to.  Learn how to speak to sound people to get the tone you want in your voice, as well as controlling the volume using our tips and techniques.

This practical podcast will teach you all the tips and techniques about how to lead worship while singing with a microphone.  So whether you are leading the worship, or singing as a part of the team, these simple but practical techniques will improve your sound in a matter of seconds.

So if your church uses microphones, you definitely need to hear this podcast. And make sure that your team, backing vocalists, sound people and others have a listen as well. Singing with a microphone in your church worship should be a fantastic experience, not a disaster waiting to happen!