Silence in worship Using silence in worship leading is a lost art, or at least a dying one!  Sometimes we find our worship entering a period of silence, but often this is just an awkward thing that leaves us feeling… well, awkward!

Silence in Worship Leading Can be Golden

But silence in worship leading is something that can be absolutely golden.  It can be powerful and help to center people’s thoughts, emotions and spirits on he Lord.  It can cause us to examine ourselves, examine our lives and help us reach out to God.

Or it can just be pain and, well… awkward!

Join the pod team to learn how to make silence your friend, not your enemy as you lead powerful praise and worship.

Grab a coffee and sit down to enjoy your favorite worship leading podcast…




quiet in your worshipThis worship leader podcast is about using quiet in your worship leading, which is a much overlooked technique that can have a seriously powerful effect as you lead worship in your church.  Often we make a lot of noise in our worship leading, and we love lots of instruments and also love arranging music.


However, quiet and even silence as you lead worship can become an essential and highly anointed thing to do, and that’s what the guys explore in this week’s podcast.  They look at both silence and also quiet music, and discuss ways that you can use both techniques every week in church and make it never sound awkward, weird or strange.


So settle back and find some quiet in your worship leading, and discover how you can use this to really touch the hearts and lives of your congregation time and time again!

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