259- Self Promotion

Self Promotion… another thing we rarely talk about, but most of us are doing it in some way if we’re honest with ourselves, right?

We don’t like to claim responsibility for this one, but many of us often find ourselves involved in self promotion as a worship leader.

Now before you get all high and mighty about it, recognise that anything you do to further your own ministry is self promotion.  It’s not all evil, but some of it certainly is, and many of us fall back on blowing our own trumpet because no one else is blowing ours for us! We know that it is the Lord who elevates us in His good time (1 Peter 5:5-6), but to be honest some of us,. even if our heart is right, are sorely tempted to do our bit in promoting our ministry, just to help God out a little bit.

I’m guessing it’s all part of the whole performance thing, and as performers (and we are that, even if we are also ministers) we are prone to promote ourselves, even if just a little bit.

In this pod Darin and Erick are painfully honest, and quite revealing, about their own struggles with self promotion, one of the worst thing to affect all up front church servants!  Have a listen and then ask yourself if you are genuinely serving the Lord, or maybe just a little bit self promoting…

And trust me, there are a few lighter spots in this podcast too, because we know we are all to a greater or lesser extent guilty of pushing ourselves and our ministries forward, sometimes at the expense of others.

It’s all happening right here this week on the worship leader podcast.  Oh, and thanks for sticking with us, as I have missed a week or so being away on tour.

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Christian DoormatBeing a worship leader, you probably want to serve the Lord, your church and your praise and worship team.  But sometimes, indeed many times, we can become Christian doormats, and our eagerness to serve others results in them taking advantage of us and our abilities and walking all over us!  This can happen in any church, and even well meaning pastors and leaders or dedicated worship team members can hurt us or take advantage of us.

The question is, where do you draw the line and stop becoming a Christian Doormat?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be walked over or even abused just because you have a servant heart!  This special podcast looks at where you can draw the line and how you can be a wonderful servant, anointed praise and worship leader but NOT a Christian Doormat!

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be a Worship LeaderIf you want to be a worship leader on a regular basis you will recognize this feeling: it’s Sunday morning, it’s early on and you do not feel well, however you have a responsibility to the Lord, the Pastor and the audience to be a worship leader, and do it skillfully. Even world class worship leaders confront days like this and, because I had one of these on Sunday last, I would like to cheer those of you who meet the week in, week out worship leading burden.  If you want to be a worship leader, you have to make sure it does not turn into tedium!

To Be a Worship Leader

There are many reasons why, when we truly want to be a worship leader, we can feel down.  It can be as straightforward as coming off a late evening, feeling worn-out or sick or simply plain worn out, right through to having major events disturbing our sense of joyfulness, things like marriage trouble, the passing away of a familiar friend or a fight with someone in your band just prior to the service.

In my case it was unquestionably a late night after a journey to a near by city which left me feeling fatigued, lackluster and a bit down or miserable when it came to worship leading.

Be a Worship Leader Despite How You Feel!

Uninspired was definitely a good word, and I looked around at the others in my worship band, recognized that if I was going to be a worship leader in the truest sense of the word I would have to carry quite a few of these guys since their skill was not great, but then I saw something else.  They too were fatigued and lethargic.  Perhaps it was infectious!

I prayed and asked the Lord to assist me to be a worship leader not only on stage, but also on a personal level with my team.  I realized that when we are weak, He is strong (2 Cor 12:10).  I realized again that this whole vocation of worship leading is not about me, and how I feel, it’s about Him!  I took a good, hard look at myself, and realized that in truth I am merely a servant, not a singer, not a guitarist and definitely not a star!  I recognized that no matter how I felt inside, to be a worship leader is to required a change in my way of thinking and continue to serve, no matter what the price.

Then the Lord started to move with magnificent power, firstly in my own heart, and then in the hearts of the singers and musicians.  I shared my labor with them for a short time, and we paused to pray as a team and give the morning to the Lord.  Whether we use our hands, feet or voices, all of us above all use out hearts, and this is the appropriate attitude of a servant, and if I want to be a worship leader I must first be a servant.

So when the worship leading began, almost from the very first song, you could feel the presence of the Lord, and His delight at our change of heart, and at our choice to do our best no matter what we felt at that moment.  In our weakness, He showed Himself strong, and we were rewarded with a magnificent and very intimate time of worship.

You Can Be a Worship Leader No Matter How You Feel!

So, fellow worship leaders, if you want to be a worship leader please accept this highly frank, open and graphic article to motivate you, and to tell you that, even if you are feeling downhearted, fatigued and uninspired, you are not alone.  All worship leaders feel this at some stage, all worship leaders labor to keep the flame of inspiration flourishing, and all worship leaders require reminding that worship leading is never about us, and our talents and our enthusiasm, it is, and continually ever will be, first and foremost about HIM!

To be a worship leader is to be a servant, no matter how you feel!