Restoration of life and ministryManaged to find the internet and a few spare minutes in the United States at camp to add this very moving worship leader podcast about restoration of life and ministry, featuring Adrian Ross, and his testimony of restoration.

You will hear how this man has visited the depths of despair, losing his reputation, ministry, family life and personal walk with God, finishing in prison alone and far from hope.  You will also hear how God restored his life, family, personal relationship with God and also his ministry.  It is a tremendous testimony of encouragement, even if you have lost heart.

This testimony of restoration of life and ministry will bless and encourage you.

Whatever your situation, however you feel, what ever you have done, or what ever sin you have committed, this is a testimony you need to hear.  You will be encouraged and blessed hearing about how God not only forgives but also restores and rebuilds our lives and our ministries on this very special worship leader podcast…

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