repetition in worshipIn today’s worship leader podcast we take a long, hard and slightly crazy look at repetition in worship.  From some of the new stuff which repeats a few words endlessly, to the times when repetition can serve a valid and useful purpose in our worship leading.

So how long is long enough when it comes to repetition in worship leading?  Are we using to to drive home the message, to allow intimacy with the Lord or are we numbing our congregations into a brain dead, semi-comatosed state?  Darin and Erick take up the topic and, as is usual in our worship leader podcast, treats the topic with a mixture of fun, seriousness, challenge and, well, just plain old lunacy

So don’t sit around wondering if excessive repetition in worship is needed, take a few moments to sit, relax and listen to the pod and make your own decision about the power, or not, of repetition in worship.

Let me repeat that… OK, excessive repetition in our worship leading is… You get the picture, i don’t have to repeat myself.  Seriously, just listen and if you don’t get it all, repeat it!  OK, I’ll stop now!


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So, at the risk of repeating myself, listen to this week’s pod and find out how much excessive repetition in worship God wants!