290- Reformation Special


Reformation… the very word gets most Christians excited, and for all of us in the Protestant faiths, it was a significant time in our history.

So Here’s Our Reformation Special

In this week’s worship leader podcast, Darin and Erick pay tribute to Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, on this the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg.

Now the Reformation is not just about nailing thing to doors, but this simple act of protest against the Roman Catholic practice of selling indulgences (now thankfully no longer in vogue) started a massive chain reaction and catapulted the church of God out of the dark ages into the incredible light of what we now share today.

And we think that the Reformation is worth celebrating!  Don’t you?

So tune in and listen to Erick and Darin share their impressions of the Reformation, Martin Luther, our previous visits to places like Heidelberg and how all this flows through to affect us in the church today, and especially worship leaders.  Yes, we have a heritage too based around the Reformation, so list and learn, celebrate and cherish the wonderful freedom we have in worship leading as a result of one man’s incredible courage!

So you can do all sorts of things to celebrate this great anniversary, but before you nail anything to your front door, spend a little time in prayer and thanksgiving for the freedom we have to worship the Lord with all our hearts, all our creativity and in our mother tongue.  That’s right, were it not for this man’s courage to stand up against the greatest power of his age, we’d all be singing in Latin!

So a worship leader podcast with a twist this week, but certainly one that you will enjoy and gain a lot out of.