Recording the worship service in a church sounds like a great idea, but it can also be a nightmare and a total embarrassment!

Why Recording the Worship Service is So Hard…

Almost every time I have tried to record the worship service I have been disappointed, or sometimes even disgusted, with the result.  I asked myself, why is recording a live church service so difficult, and is there a way to make it sound better without investing in tens of thousands of dollars of recording equipment?

Well the great news is that, with just a few tweaks and minimal effort, you can begin to record the worship service live and make it sound pretty professional.

So if you want to listen to the worship when the sound person plays it back without cringing, and without trying to excuse the effort as “Well, we were not really being serious,” then this is the podcast for you.  Using a couple of well-placed microphones can make all the difference, transforming an amateurish recording into a decent and listenable recording, whether you are doing this for the whole church to listen to, or just for your musicians and singers to practice with.

In this exclusive podcast, the guys talk about ways you can record your worship so that it sounds great but also isn’t a massive production.  They will reveal how you can do this without super experienced sound guys, and on a budget, using appropriately placed microphones and techniques that could make all the difference.  Well worth listening to, even if you are only recording for the purposes of the band. Trust me., bad recordings are cringe-worthy!

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So if you are leading worship in almost any capacity, including recording your worship team, don’t stumble in the dark!

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