At some point, you will find yourself reaching the end of your resources, and you will feel ready to give up on worship leading.

I bet some of you reading this right now are at that point.

If You’re Ready to Give Up… Don’t!


Leading worship is a daunting and sometimes difficult task, and it is made especially so by the criticisms and adverse opinions of others.

Perhaps it is someone in your band, or maybe someone you barely know in the congregation, but when you are in the public eye, whether preaching, leading worship, leading groups or anything else, you will always face opposition.

You might be facing something personal that no one knows about, but that still causes you to overlook or forget the calling you once had and makes you ready to give up right now.

We all face it at some time, and I know it hurts, and even frustrates you, but it is so important for you to remember the calling that God has on your life.  He doesn’t change His mind, Numbers 23:19, so don’t you change yours and give up.

Most often I find we want to give up just before a breakthrough.  So if you feel like you are ready to give up, chances are that the breakthrough in your life and ministry is just around the corner!  So this pod has been designed to speak words of life and encouragement into your life, and say to you don’t give up!

Life is a journey, and ministry is a journey, and you will face times of joy and sadness, highs and lows, mountain tops and valleys.  You should never make a decision about the future of your ministry in a valley, yet that’s exactly what the enemy wants us to do!  So keep going, never give up and reverse any decisions about your life and your ministry until you are through the worst of whatever you are facing right now!

This 12 minutes could make all the difference in your life and your ministry…