quiet in your worshipThis worship leader podcast is about using quiet in your worship leading, which is a much overlooked technique that can have a seriously powerful effect as you lead worship in your church.  Often we make a lot of noise in our worship leading, and we love lots of instruments and also love arranging music.


However, quiet and even silence as you lead worship can become an essential and highly anointed thing to do, and that’s what the guys explore in this week’s podcast.  They look at both silence and also quiet music, and discuss ways that you can use both techniques every week in church and make it never sound awkward, weird or strange.


So settle back and find some quiet in your worship leading, and discover how you can use this to really touch the hearts and lives of your congregation time and time again!

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shine photoLearning how to shine for Jesus in every aspect of your life is not only important for you as a worship leader, but it’s essential for you as a committed and on fire Christian!

This Worship Leader Podcast Could Change Your Life and Ministry!

Here is one podcast you need to listen to, whether you are actively involved in worship leading or not, because all of us need to shine for Jesus, all day, every day.  So it doesn’t matter what you do, or where you are doing it, you must think about shining for your faith and impacting the world around you.

So whether it’s at the office, your school or your church, and whether you are leading worship, playing in the band, buying groceries, spending time with your family or filling your car with gas, if we look for them opportunities to shine for Jesus are frequent, and can directly affect the people around you.  Believe me, they are watching, and people notice what you are like on the stage and off it!

So grab a cup of tea, settle back, relax and take in this important podcast…

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Photo by Jeremiah John McBride 145- How to Shine for Jesus