Professionalism v Attitude… We’ve all seen it… people who are professional in their playing or singing ability, but they come with a lousy attitude!

Professionalism v Attitude

So the worship leader faces a dire dilemma… do I accept the person because the play well or sing well, and drop my standards to fit their selfish attitude, or do I kick them out because of their attitude and find the band sounds awful?

If you have ever faced the question of Professionalism v Attitude, you probably have agonized over this, and even when you made your decision, if things didn’t go well, you have second-guessed your decision.

That is why we have created this podcast!  We are feeling for all those worship leaders caught between the right attitude and the right performances in their worship team. Now I am all for showing grace, even to those who, act in a self-centred or selfish manner, but where do you draw the line, how do you handle the gifted but difficult musician or singer, and at what point do you say, “Enough is enough!”

And if you choose to overlook some of the attitudes, you may have a mutiny on your hands, because these people might have the wrong attitude, but they have the right talent and they command the respect of others in the worship team.  It all can get very hard, very emotional and very tense, and as a worship leader you are often left wondering if you should just sing with only a guitar this Sunday!

This pod helps you sort through the emotional mire and make the right choices while keeping the band sounding great.  You can have great musicians and singer with great attitude, and if your worship team is like that then you should rejoice and be thankful.  But for the rest of us who try to balance Professionalism v Attitude, we all need to hear this podcast, and think the situation through and make wise and godly decisions…