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193- Small Group Worship Leading

small group worship leadingSmall group worship leading is not something we talk a lot about, and to be honest, most of us would really rather prefer to lead worship in front of thousands than a few people in a small or cell group.

Yet small group worship leading can be one of the richest, deepest and best experiences for a praise and worship leader anywhere, and it isd an awesome place to train as well!

Why is Small Group Worship Leading So Good?

In a small group you have a unique opportunity.  Usually you do not have the array of musicians that you have with a larger group, so flowing between songs, modulating and tempo changes are much easier.

So is open or free worship. You can flow and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit easily and adventurously, and that is one of the huge advantages of worship leading in a small group situation.

So, tune into the guys this week and discover how small group worship leading can transform your own abilities as a leader, and bless your people incredibly…

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Worship Leader Podcast

191- The Holy Spirit in Worship Leading

Holy Spirit in worship leadingWe all know that we need the Holy Spirit in worship leading, but not all of us are able to be totally Spirit led every time we lead worship.

The fact is, we tend to rely more on our programming and down natural musical ability when it comes to Sunday morning, even though we realise that what makes the difference between a good performance and anointed performance is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This podcast is about the Holy Spirit in worship leading, and how you can be more led by the Spirit as you lead your people.

This is not a podcast about a formula, techniques or crazy ideas designed to improve your performance, but rather it is a discussion about how you can take whatever performance you have, with you are on top of the world or experiencing great weakness, and hand it over to the Spirit of God to allow him to move silently through your worship leading.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to today’s worship leader podcast. If you can even capture a tiny amount more of the Holy Spirit and His leading in your worship, it will be worth the time you are investing in listening to our pod!

So have a listen and be blessed worship leaders!

Worship Leader Podcast

184- The Sin of Self Promotion

self promotionThis week’s praise and worship leader podcast deals with a very touchy subject… The sin of self-promotion.

Now, being worship leaders, musicians and singers, none of us is immune from blowing our own trumpet and promoting ourselves, our talents and abilities. I am not accusing anybody, but I’m thinking also of myself, because part of the ability to perform and present well involves some degree of promoting your skills and abilities.

However if we want to become great in God’s kingdom we need to learn to be the servants of all, and this applies to praise and worship leaders is much as it applies to anybody.

So today’s podcast deals specifically with the times when promoting yourself goes beyond confidence and enters into the realm of sin. It is very revealing, completely honest and definitely something each and every praise and worship leader needs to listen to and think about.

In this praise and worship leader podcast we will also reveal the surefire way you can have real success and grow your Ministry without promoting yourself (and yes, this is actually possible!).

This information about growing your ministry is absolutely reliable, and I know because I have personally done this and seen my ministry explode on an international level, so if you want to know how to grow your Ministry within your own church, or even in a greater sphere than that, you really need to click below and listen to this entire podcast…

And don’t forget, no matter who you are and what level of worship leading you are involved in, training will be a huge asset to you.

Worship Leading Tips

Worship Leading As Unto the Lord

praise and worship leadingWhen you are leading worship, are you doing it for yourself or as unto the Lord?

It’s easy to say you were doing things only for the Lord, but the reality is many of us have hidden agendas behind what we are doing, even when we are leading worship in church.

Worship leading for an audience of one

Leading worship is one of the greatest privileges in the church today, but many times we miss out on the blessing of pure servant based worship because it comes to us disguised as hard work.

However, when you make a conscious decision to do everything “as unto the Lord”, you start to obtain a different perspective when it comes to the role that you off fulfilling in the church.

As we have said many times on this praise and worship leader website, leading worship is not about singing a selection of songs in a given order but rather it’s about leading people on a journey from wherever they are right through to the throne of God.

The fact is, your true motivation needs to be one of total service for the Lord rather than promoting yourself, your taste in music or any other hidden agenda that might cloud your vision.

The fact is that the Lord can look right through whatever we present to people to our heart. This means that if we are offering something that is motivated by our own selfish desires, opinions or preferences, the Lord is not fall for a moment and can see right through to our true motivation.

But how can you lead worship with a pure heart as unto the Lord alone?

The first step is to make sure that you are spending time with the Lord each and every day. It is not enough to pray only on Sunday before you lead worship, but worship should be a reflection of your daily walk with the Lord. If you are not spending time every day with the Lord in devotions, then your effectiveness as a Ministry will be reduced, and the purity of your motives be brought into question

However, even if you are spending time in a quiet times during the week, it is still tempting to use your skills, abilities and talents to promote yourself or your own agenda will stop in fact, musicians and singers are amongst the worst people in the world for self-promotion!

You only need to attend a Christian music festival, or hang out at a Christian battle of the bands to see pride, arrogance and self-promotion right before your eyes.

As worship leaders, I do not believe we should ever pursue self-promotion. Unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain (Psalm 127:1), so if we try and promote ourselves all the time, we are building something our Ministry in vain.

While many praise and worship leaders don’t promote themselves actively, they still promote their preferences and musical tastes ahead of the members of the congregation. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a praise and worship leader doing songs that they have chosen which the congregation simply have no interest in. It’s not only ridiculous, but it is the height of arrogance to pursue the songs we like at the expense of being servants.

Many praise and worship leaders also use their skills and talents as a means of intimidating and controlling other members of their team. Perhaps the true measure of a servants heart in worship leader is how they react when a more talented person joins their team.

How do you react when someone who is more talented than you is on your worship team? Do you embrace them, build them up and allow them to become everything they can be for the Lord, or do you put them in their place and make them do things your way because you’re the boss?

No, worship leaders, if we truly are servants and if we truly are leading worship as unto the Lord, we need to put the Lord first and worship to the audience of one rather than fulfill our own selfish desires and preferences. Also, we need to serve our congregations, doing songs that they prefer rather than the ones we prefer, making sure we lead them in true and righteous worship, rather than teach them a bunch of new songs that we like.

Leading praise and worship in church is one of the most incredible privileges I have in my life, and I’m sure it is the same for you. However, we must be certain that we do not abuse the privilege but rather see it as an opportunity to serve bless others, because the only way to lead through praise and worship is as unto the Lord.


praise and worship leader

Being the Right Praise and Worship Leader

Pastors: How to Find the Right Praise and Worship Leader

praise and worship leader  Being the right praise and worship leader for your church is a key consideration for most Pastors and Leaders in church. Put the wrong guy, or girl, in this job, and your life can be made a misery. Get it right, and your church will begin to flourish even more.

So Pastors, be very careful when you select your worship leaders. It may not be the guy with all the musical talent and it may not be the best looking girl or the one with the big voice. What you really want is God’s choice, and while I cannot hope to make that choice for you, I can help to steer you in the right direction…

Pastors: How to Select the Right Worship Leader

1. Select leaders of ability: 

Just because they can sing or play, does not mean that they can lead an entire band. Your prospective leader should show leadership qualities in other areas, such as secular work, cell groups, evangelism, kid’s ministry, etc. Being a worship leader is exactly that: leading! So a great musician is not necessarily a great leader.

2. Select leaders of some musical ability:

They don’t have to be musicians or singers, but man it helps! You will find that if the person leading has a good knowledge and feel for music that the worship will tend to flow a lot more. Again I stress that the best musicians are not always the best leaders, even though they know the music side of things well. However, having a good knowledge of music and how it fits together in worship is a huge asset.

3. Select leaders who are teachable:

Great leaders are teachable. If they are not, you don’t want them, and it doesn’t matter if they are Mozart or Beethoven! You have to trust them, you have to work with them and you have to live with the consequences, so do yourself and your people a huge favour and chose humble, teachable leaders.

4. Select leaders who take responsibility:

If something happens and the worship is not all it could be when I am leading, then it is MY FAULT! I don’t blame the piano player, the singers or the pastor. It is my job, my passion and my joy to lead the worship, and my responsibility when anything, small or large, goes wrong. This pretty much ties in with the teachability thing, so look for leaders who care passionately about leading others into worship. Passing the buck is not on in the worship team. The buck stops with the leader.

If a worship leader really bombs out in worship, then I take it very personally as worship director, and move to deal directly with the problem. Don’t blame others, but be responsible.

5. Select leaders who love what they are doing:

It is not enough to be good at it, they must be passionate about leading people into worship. As a leader, I love, and get a huge amount of joy, out of seeing others lead into worship, to a greater and deeper experience with Jesus. This takes on a whole new perspective when, as is often the case with big churches, the worship leader is paid. If anyone does this for the money alone, I believe they are PROSTITUTING their gift. If pay is there, fine, but let us never see this as a motivation. Jesus did not die on the cross to give us a job!

6. Select leaders who lead by inspiration: 

There is a school of thought these days that leaders upset everyone because they are strong leaders. They make sure everything is done their way, or the offenders are out! They force their opinion on others and make them obey. I don’t believe these are strong leaders; these are dictators! True leaders inspire others to follow. They are firm where they need to be, but usually smooth over offenses by leading with humility and gentleness. They don’t offend the whole music team, they inspire them. These are the worship leaders you want.

I would hesitate to place someone who is not musical into the role of worship leader, because it makes it so much harder for them. That is not to say it cannot be done, but be careful. Believe me; it is easier to not appoint someone than it is to remove them from to job.

Praise and Worship Leaders: How to be the Right Leader

Here’s a quick word of advice to worship leaders: YOU ARE NOT GOD!!!! I’m one of you, so I can say things like that! You must never operate out of fellowship with the pastor. If you disagree, then you should defer to him, even if he is wrong. However, this does not preclude offering your opinion. Whatever happens, you need to be subject to him, and if you cannot be, tender your resignation and move to a church where you can serve with a clear conscience.

Here are some suggestions on how to serve your pastor:

How to lead praise and worship1. Have a real desire to serve the pastor:

Tell him you want to serve his vision, not your own. You have desires and visions in the Lord, but you will never put those before the pastor’s vision, because he is the leader of the church. I can testify that, as I served Bill Newman and ignored my own desires for success in music, the Lord opened the door to allow me to realize my own dreams, through Bill’s ministry. If you have a dream, make yourself subject to Godly Leadership, and watch the Lord bring it to pass!

2. Ask what he wants:

Does he want special songs that fit with the message? Does he want a specific style? If the congregation is above 70, chances are they don’t want rocky music. If they are young families, they may not be happy with all to wall hymns. Does he want open worship? If your church or your pastor is uncomfortable with certain things such as open worship, singing in tongues or hand raising, you’d better find out before you lead worship!

3. Ask about the format of the meeting:

Where is announcements, offering, etc? What type of song does he prefer for these? Discuss options with him and mention specific songs.

4. Ask about music being played behind prayers:

Some pastors love it, others hate it. If you have visiting ministry, ask them what they prefer, because not everyone is the same. You are there to serve, so do your best to do all that is required of you.

5. Ask how much talking he wants: leading worship

You are not there to preach, so ask if a prayer of, say, 30 seconds or the reading of a passage of Scripture is appropriate. Pastors hate having their meeting hijacked by the worship leader!

6. Ask how much time the pastor wants you to take:

AND KEEP TO TIME!!! Whatever the Spirit may be doing, do not dishonour your pastor by going over time. If God is about to cut lose in worship, ASK the pastor if he wants to continue or stop.

7. Never criticize the pastor:

Even if you feel he has made an incorrect decision, never criticize the pastor to others in the music team. You are there to serve, and if you feel his decision stopped the move of God, let God sort it out.

8. Remember, you are responsible for how the worship goes:

The buck stops with you, so if the worship time is poor, don’t look to blame the drummer, the guitarist, the organist, the singers or the overhead operator. The fault is yours. Deal with it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

9. Be an inspirational leader, not Hitler!

As mentioned in the pastors section, there is a school of thought going around that real leaders are strong and offend everyone. “It’s my way or the highway, dude!” This is, I believe, poor leadership. If you have to constantly force people to obey you, then you are out of your league. You need to lead by inspiring them to follow you, encouraging them when they fail and rebuking them with humility and grace when they disobey. This is not being soft, or trying to be popular, but in my experience really good leaders are popular, even in the face of unpopular decisions. By the same token, if someone refuses to tow the line, strong action may need to be taken. I have a chapter later in the book on Band management to tackle such issues.

I have been on stage several times when, in my opinion, worship has really bombed out. On one occasion, I was merely playing bass, and thus could not influence proceedings, but once or twice with Bill Newman I have come and apologized to him for my worship team missing the mark. He consoled and encouraged me, but I tell you when I walked out on stage the next night I was making doubly sure that the band was on the ball and the mistakes did not happen again. Accept responsibility, then change it!

You see, if you want the many, many great things that come with being a praise and worship leader, you have to be prepared to take the difficult times as well. If something goes wrong, don’t persecute yourself. Examine it, find out what went wrong and change it. Feeling sorry for yourself cannot be part of leadership, because it makes you useless to both your pastor and the Lord.

So inspire your people and lead them with confidence, because your pastor had confidence in you when he appointed you. Don’t let him down, and don’t let yourself down. Study the above points, make them part of your leadership life, watch God give you the privilege of leading folks into His presence and also bringing the best out in your troops. Remember, you are anointed, special and tremendously privileged! You are a praise and worship leader!

praise and worship leader

The Biblical Basis for Praise and Worship

Worship crowdBefore you skip this article thinking it will be dry theology worthy of a 19th century seminary, take a little time to pray before you read on and read more about the biblical basis for praise and worship.

Praise and Worship is a common thing in churches these days, but we need to know that is has a Biblical basis, because we do not want to be doing things that are not part of what God is doing. If we sing songs in church then we must know and understand the reason we do this, rather than simply singing for the sake of singing.

There have been volumes written about the biblical basis for praise and worship, so I will not attempt to cover the entire subject, and for that many of you will breathe a sigh of relief. If you are really into this area, please feel free to go and buy a gazillion books on the subject, but for those of you who want to keep it more practical, please read on. If you truly want to know and draw close to the heart of God, don’t skip this chapter, but take a few moments to plunge your roots deep into the foundation of Biblical knowledge and history.

What is Praise and Worship?

Praise and Worship is not the warm up to the main event of preaching, it is not the support act and it is not something we do while the late people are trying to arrive. It is, or at least it should be, an intense time of communion with God. It is fellowship with other believers as you gather around the throne of your great Daddy and it is a foretaste of what Heaven will be like. If you don’t enjoy worshiping God here, then Heaven may be long and boring for you!

Praise and Worship was always part of God’s plan, from before the beginning of time.

Creation praises Him: (Is 44:23; Is 52:9; 1 Chron 16:32; Ps 98:8; Ps 66:4).

Angels praise Him: (Job 38:7; Rev 5:11).

Mt Gambia worshipIndeed, Lucifer (Satan) was created to praise the Lord as well, and seems to have been somewhat of a music leader in Heaven, until He fell (Ezekiel 28:11-19). This might give you a hint as to why Satan uses music to access the minds of people, especially youth, to direct them to Himself. As is typical of musicians, and I say this as a musician, we love directing people towards ourselves. To completely but truthfully destroy a beautiful song, “I’m coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about MEEEE!!!!!” (Apologies to Matt Redman for that one!)

The saints also praise the Lord (John 4:23; Revelation 4:11) and they sing the song of redemption, blessing and praising the Lord.

Throughout the Bible mighty men of God have loved to worship Him, people like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and so on. The best know worshiper is, of course, King David, and for anyone truly seeking the heart of God, he is an excellent person to study and learn from…

King David

David was an awesome king, but you may not realize the place that worship had in his heart. God described him as a “man after his own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14), and even though he sinned big time, God still delighted in him because of his heart of worship.

In fact, David designed and produced 4000 instruments for temple worship (1 Chronicles 23:5). String, wind, brass, percussion and the like, and he designed the format for a lot of the worship in 1 and 2 Chronicles. They worshiped 24 hours a day in shifts, so that the Lord’s altar constantly was covered in the praises of His people. We might remember David for his tussle with Goliath, or his sin with Bathsheba, but I tell you this guy really knew how to worship!


Solomon, David’s son wrote over 1000 songs. God gave him wisdom and wealth, and worship. Unity was a key theme as they all worshiped with one voice (2 Chronicles 5:13). When they worshiped in unity, suddenly the cloud of God’s glory filled the place. No flesh glories in His presence.

Singers and Musicians

Obviously the basic building blocks of a music worship ministry are singers and musicians. They were appointed, ordained and equipped for this ministry (1 Chronicles 15:16-28), separated and under supervision (1 Chronicles 25:1-7) and instructed in the songs they would be worshiping with.

David’s tabernacle had 288 singers (1 Chronicles 25:7) and a music director, Kenaniah, who had the favour of God (1 Chronicles 15:22,27). He was described as skillful, challenging those of us who follow in his footsteps to be the same. We need good ability but also good anointing. He led various ranks of singers (1 Chronicles 15:16-18; 16:37-41), was chosen by name and recognized for his gifting. The music team in David’s Temple were skilled and they were honoured for this skill.

They were employed in their work of worship (1 Chronicles 9:22, 36 and on) and conducted song services (1 Chronicles 6:31-2). They had to wait for their office (2 Chronicles 7:6, 35:15) just as we sometimes have to (Romans 12:7).

They received their portion (Nehemiah 7,10,11,12,13) and functioned in their allotted courses or shifts (1Chronicles 25:1-21).

Take Home Message for Us

biblical basis for praise and worshipThe above list of scriptures is by no means exhaustive in any study of the biblical basis for praise and worship. These are just a few that to whet your appetite, and hopefully cause you to see that we as musicians, singers and worship leaders have a responsibility to live up to. We have to wait on God, seek God and be both skillful and teachable (Ps 33:3). We need to work hand in hand with the pastor and seek to serve him, and the congregation. We desperately need to avoid the ego displayed by Lucifer, choosing to remain humble, lest God humble us.

If we need humbling at some point, remember that God can humble a person without degrading him, and exalt a man without puffing him up.

Music: The Powder Keg!

Music is unbelievably powerful. It changes attitudes and opens hearts to engage directly with the Lord. Music can sooth the savage beast, rev up excited teenagers at a rave party, or inspire soldiers on their way to war (such as the Nazi march, “Deutschland Uber Alles”).

Music is so powerful that it can add to any experience, good or bad. Try watching a few movies, and pay attention to what the music is doing, and you will see my point. From the short, stabbing pulse of “Psycho” to the long, gentle Gaelic lilts of “Titanic”, music effectively reaches into our hearts and caresses, even manipulates our spirits.

I clear and unashamedly make this statement: We MUST learn to harness the power of music so as to more effectively lead our people. Now, before you hop on your high horse and accuse me of manipulating the emotions of gullible people, bear in mind that this same tool is being used constantly in relaxation music, inspirational music, advertising, gyms and a host of other places. You know that feeling you get as you listen to a favourite love song and it brings back pleasant memories? Same mechanism! You see, music bypasses our minds and appeals directly to our emotions, and that is why it is so powerful.

Music can also be destructive, even within the church. In society, many psychiatrists recognize that music can powerfully stir emotions and drive addictions, and it has been well documented that some heavy metal music has driven teenagers to suicide or murder.

Within the church, music can be hugely divisive, the cause of church splits, and a constant source of misery for the pastor and leaders. The young want their style, the oldies want theirs, and sometimes it can degrade to all out war!

So, as a worship leader, you need to find the style which suits not only yourself, but your people as well. No style is right or wrong, but you will find that Thrash music is not a huge hit in a traditional Presbyterian church (in the same way the 16th century hymns don’t go over big at a U2 concert!)

“Let’s Not Become Too Emotional, Brother!”

In the Western church we have somehow achieved elevated levels of paranoia regarding emotions in the church and, in particular, church worship. Following the Greek model, we attempt to analyze and intellectualize all aspects of church life, fearing anyone and anything that appears too “emotional.”

Now, let’s be very, very clear about this. My Salvation is a Scriptural fact, and not in any way dependent on my emotions, or how I feel. The basis of my assurance is 1 John 5:11-13, John 5:24, Romans 10:9. However, I cannot deny the fact that I am an emotional being. I feel emotions, I express emotions, and my interaction with others, and with God, is emotional.

It seems silly to me that the same people who sit like stones in church, void of any emotion, go as crazy as the next person when their team scores the winning goal. Guys, if you can get that excited outside of church at a football match, why not let yourself go and get that excited about the Lord! You can really see the heart difference when we stand like statues worshiping, while David stripped down to his jocks and danced about the place.

How’s Your Serve?

Leading in worship is a huge responsibility which requires a serious commitment on the part of all those involved. It has a Biblical basis, but that does not mean it has to be a mechanical, unemotional or boring experience.

The Bible teaches us that music ministry, like any other ministry, is all about serving. To become worship leaders, we should have some real, genuine skill and talent, but these must be offered as gifts to God, and not used to build ourselves up. Moving into music ministry is moving into front line service, and we must serve the Lord, the Pastor, the Church leadership, the people and each other with gladness and humility. That’s why we need to know the biblical basis for praise and worship!

Worship Leader Podcast

136- Unmet Expectations

Expectations UnmetWhen you have unmet expectations you will have people upset and dissatisfied, whether it’s people in your congregation, or whether it’s you!  How do you make sure your congregation’s expectations for worship are met, and how do you handle it if your expectations of the pastor are unmet.


We all want to have our expectations met, but you may have been leading worship for a long time with little or no recognition, or you may have just been passed over for a position you know you are perfect for.  How do you manage this disappointment, and how do you faithfully keep on serving when it seems like everything you are doing is in vain?

A critical and powerful Worship Leader Podcast answers these questions and more…

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Worship Leader Podcast

134- Worship Leader Rock Stars

Rock Star Worship leaderWe have all seen worship leader rock stars, and maybe we have ventured down that road ourselves!  This worship leader podcast is about whether you can be a rock star and a worship leader, which we might as well frame as the question, “Can you be a rock star and a servant at the same time!


Seems that there is a type of personality that loves to be loved on the stage, but there is a not so fine line between being a star and being a servant.  You can tell worship leader rock stars by the way they walk, the way they talk, their dress, their swagger and the style with which they lead.  Most often there is an arrogance which is entirely removed from the humble servant, and that is one of the issues we discuss this week on the worship leader podcast!


So sit back, grab a nice cup of tea and relax while the team challenges and entertains you, and maybe even make you laugh a little… we might even see an old friend popping in, so click below and join in the fun…



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Worship Leader Podcast

131- Using Technology in Worship Leading

Nusic technologyWe all love high tech things, but how can you properly use technology in worship leading.  There is sound, lights and projection of words to consider, and this worship leader podcast involves a frank and open discussion of technology in worship leading, and how you can make the best of it, and avoid the inevitable disasters!

And believe me, the more the technology, the more the chances of having said disasters, right in the middle of your worship!  From power brownouts to broken string, we are always at risk from technology.  Nevertheless, we have to embrace modern technology to keep our churches up to date and relevant to our cultures, so this could be a very timely pod indeed!

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Wow worship CD

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Worship Leader Devotions

Worship Leader Devotions- Seek His Face

Seek His FacePsalm 27:8
My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, LORD, I will seek.

So often when it comes to the Lord with more than happy to seek His hand, but we do not seem so interested in seeking His face!

So often we cry out to God for His provision, and I’m sure from His point of view it often seems that this is the only thing we are interested in. Can you imagine being a father and the only time your son or daughter wants to talk to you is when they want something? Some of you parents will already know what I’m talking about!

Seek His Face Now

God is a real person with real feelings, and he is not interested in just giving you what you want when you demand it! He wants relationship, and He sent His son to die for your sins to re-establish a relationship that was broken in the Garden of Eden. He paid the ultimate price because to Him relationship is the most important thing.

Even in your ministry, relationship is more important than success. If you only have a praying when you need God to help you play or sing something or to inspire your congregation to worship, and you are seeking only His hand and not His face. And if that’s all He means to you, you are breaking His heart!

You need to seek the face of God every day, regardless of whether you are scheduled to lead worship on the weekend. Love Him, grow in Him and seek more than His hand today!  Seek His face, and get to know Him in a deeper way.  Then you get His hand and His provision as well!